Agenda for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, August 2, 2022 @ 5PM GMT

Meeting Link:

Term #2 Elected Stewards : @theanthonyware, @AvsA , and @ceresstation

A) Q3/Q4 budget update
B) Small Grants update
C) Public Goods projects highlights:

  • ChainSafe
  • Wildfire

D) Open space for additional topics

Call Minutes

Attendees: anthonyware.eth, avsa.eth, alisha.eth, belma gutlic, coltrone.eth, jagrut kosti, hellenstans.eth, gregskriloff, oakgroup.eth, okoronkwo chidi.

A) Small Grants update

B) Public Goods projects highlights:


  • Belma and Jagrut from chainsafe presented
  • Improving security around ENS addresses. From their Ethereum Foundation proposal, โ€œWhat we are trying to achieve is to find a way to potentially publish an ENS name, and allow people to send to it, without revealing the main address.โ€ The idea is to be able to transact with ENS addresses but not publicly reveal the assets behind the address.
  • It was recommended that Chainsafe request a DAO-wide proposal or from the working group if they would like funding support.


  • Chidi gave an intro on Wildfire DAO. More information can be found on their mirror blog.

C) Reserved for additional topics.

  • ENSpunks asked about grants directly from the DAO to onboard high-profile athletes.

Iโ€™m really stoked about Chainsafe. Privacy is a huge priority for Web 3 infra in order to secure an agentic future.

Leaving this for historical note: one of the negatives against the chain safe proposal was that a similar solution already exists:

So they decided to take a broader look at the existing solutions before updating their proposal.

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