Big introduce yourself thread

I am Bob Jiang from GitcoinDAO.

  • ENS name: bobjiang.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : bob.jiang#5621 @bobjiang123
  • Your main interests: DAO community build, solidity dev, Chinese.

Hi all, I am Bob Jiang from GitcoinDAO, Gitcoin Steward. Got my ENS since 2018, and it is definitely web3.0 infrastructures in future. Believe it and should be decentralized.


…I do not know because of my lack of knowledge or … that the value of 0.3 eth while taking the domain in ENS DAO … that due to high gas fee in these last five, six days I could not register and could not register my domain, … But instead, 0.3 eth was removed from my meta mask and bag at the same time … More than my eth goes, I’m sad that I could not register my ENS domain :pleading_face::sob::sob::tired_face:

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ENS name: onenightrich.eth
Twitter @Mathwill
My main interests:Web3 world
Hey, I’m Micheal ,I do my own work since 2020,I am a learner in Web3 world

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ENS Name: angelfish.eth
Twitter Handle: @0xangelfish
Main Interests: Scaling solutions for Ethereum!

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ENS name: ioyoi.eth
Discord handle: IOYOI#8390
Twitter: @ioyoiioaoi
Main interests: Artist (Low tech) is currently focusing on the combination of voxel and painting. Currently a member of The Sandbox Creators Fund.

Hello everyone, we are an organization dedicated to promoting art NFT Our twitter @Weir_DAO roadmap
ENS Airdrop Vote me VOTE (find ioyoi.eth) Claim your ENS airdrop

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ENS name: voronkov.eth
My ENS delegate application: ENS DAO Delegate Applications - #1031 by voronkovio
Discord: voronkovventures#5047
My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: Greetings dear community members! :hugs: At some point, I became heavily disappointed in centralization. Freedom is not possible without true decentralization of the communities. While being a Russian citizen, at the same time I am a resident of Norway, which is considered to be one the freest countries in the world with a developed democratic system. Nevertheless, even in the most transparent democracy, I see how different groups of people dominate and enforce others and others have a lack of freedom to live according to their rules. Similar centralization damages the internet. Currently dominating social networks abuse power, infringe ownership rights and represent a totalitarian dictatorship. I consider the ban of Donald Trump (independently of my political position) Twitter account was a symbolic act of digital dictatorship and a symbol of the end of traditional (web2.0) social networks and the internet (web1.0). Therefore I foresee web3 decentralized internet, truly owned by its users to be a winner in the fight for freedom! I see that ENS can be a cornerstone in this new WEB3 era and I am 100% dedicated to tirelessly working for the benefit of ENS DAO and web3 users overall! :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist:

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Top stuff bruv! Devs to the Moon…

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You for sure have the makings of a SUPERB community member <3

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Top marks for brevity and clarity A+

ENS name: @ourdigitalhomestead.eth
Twitter: @ourdigitalhome1
Discord: Ourdigitalhomestead#8233
Main interests: learning, future, ecology-engineering, art

Hi, I’m Diane. I’m an ecological engineer/city developer turned mom/artist. I’m here because I solve problems, build communities, and am invested in the future. I see myself as a bridge between the internet and Web3. I’m good at listening and learning, synthesizing information, and distilling it to reach out to others. I am an environmental engineer and systems ecologist and my talents are in understanding systems, hierarchies, and interdependencies. So freaking excited to be here.

  • ENS name: raschbers.eth
  • Twitter Handle: @raschbers

Hi. I’m raschbers.eth, I live in Europe and I’m a project-manager for a small consultancy firm atm. Happy father and husband. My passions are music, books, all kinds of art and trail running.
I discovered the ENS domains via the RabbitHole just a couple of months ago. Happy to be here, very excited and curious for Blockchain, Web3 and all related.
It’s an amazing time to live in!

  • ENS name: raphtatts.eth
    *Twitter Handle : raphtatts
  • Your main interests: learning about web3 and owning a tattoo studio

ENS: cory.eth
Twitter: @cory_eth
Discord: cory.eth#4448

Hi everyone, I’m Cory. My background is in math and computer science. I jumped full time into web3 this year to work independently. I like to play/watch soccer and basketball, although I’m not as good as I once was anymore! I really am passionate about making ENS a decentralized protocol built for public good.


ENS: xand3r.eth
Twitter: @xand3r_eth
Discord: Xand3r#0445

Hi guys! I’ve been working on building decentralized protocols and their communities for 4yrs as a professional product manager. I’ve been thinking that ENS is the gateway of all crypto communities, so I’m happy to learn more about this community! Happy to be here!

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  • ENS name: yetitears.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : yetitears#7430 / @yetitears
  • Your main interests: Military Veteran Artivist interested in building in the crypto community, DAOs, I create claymation films and my primary occupation is music.

Would love to connect to other music artists in the community to collaborate :pray:


ENS: Grateful55.eth
Twitter: @~*~
Discord: Grateful~55

Hello guys/gals, I’m a block chain wander and explorer I’ve been testing and exploring every Dapp, App, and Wallet that I can find. I’m typically a intraday and swing trader by night, but am testing my coding skills a bit by day. I’m down to help in anyway I can where ever I’m needed or could be helpful.


How do I join Airdrop ENS?

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ENS name: hirenpatel.eth
Discord handle: cryptohp18#9849
Twitter: @hirenvpatel
Main Interests: Reading books / articles on crypto, tech.

gm frens - good to see you all here.
My name is Hiren and I my day job is to analyze data and design/streamline processes in supply chain. Super interested in crypto, web3 and the next era of internet. Lets build together & contribute to the next gen internet.

ENS name: danihax.eth
discord handle: danihax#6857
twitter: @danihax
interests: audio/visual production. blockchain technology. IPFS. going forward.

some human with humane ideas and intentions.

ENS: simonanderson.eth
Discord: MNFuturist #6096
Twitter: @futur1st
Main Interests: Blockchain applications, Travel, Emerging tech, Crypto, NFTs, EVs and transportation tech

Hi, I’m Simon. I’m a professional futurist speaker and advisor, and I’ve been interested in blockchain tech for the last decade. I’m excited to see all the new ways it’s being used!