Big introduce yourself thread

  • ENS name: esunbank.eth
  • Twitter: @Poshenyeh
  • Your main interests: GameFi, Defi, Development

Hi fellows, I’am Poshen, come from Taiwan. I’m a software developer.
I love ENS because it solve the wallet address memorizing pain. Moreover, it represents one more humanly.
I am dedicated to spread the good of ENS with people around.
Hope this community will become more robust and more active. :star_struck:

ENS name: mudman.eth
Twitter Handle : @The_Mhudson
Main interests: programming, nascent solidity dev, scifi art

Greetings. Very new to ENS. Been programming for a number of years, just recently started poking at solidity. Seemed like getting involved with the community’s underpinnings would be a good idea if I planned on writing code for it.

edit: forgot my own twitter handle

  • ENS name: 0xdac.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : dac#0480 / @dac16c
  • Your main interests: watching sports game like baseball :baseball:, football :soccer:
    and so on.

Hi guys! I am Dac :grinning:
I just a newbie in the crypto world. Meeting ENS is the most amazing thing in my first crypto year! Hope I can grow quickly enough to share knowledge with everyone!

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Hi everyone - new to crypto, but see the eth blockchain as the answer to so many problems. As an amateur artist of no repute :slight_smile: , I’ve been waiting for many years for something like NFTs to be conceived - and now, with ENS linking domains to NFTs, I registered some names I like and get to create an image specifically for that domain! I am loving the possibilities here. I see artists creating for domains in the future, if not already. Wonderful. Many thanks - f3nt0n.eth

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ENS name: zapaz.eth
Twitter: @papaz
Main interests: NFT, Web3, IPFS, DeFi

Former web2 entrepreneur, now building some decentralized NFT platform and algorithmic stablecoin

ENS name: waiting a few months for it to become available :zipper_mouth_face:
Twitter: @Victor_Stark7
Main interests: Web3, Governance, DAOs and NFTs

Hi frENS, I’m a digital enterpreneur going down the web3 rabbit hole. Looking to learn and curious about the evolution of web3 decentralized governance and how it can be applied to traditional organizations.

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ENS name: cansy.eth
Twitter: @CansyLand
Main interests: Virtual worlds, NFTs and Eventmanagement in the Metaverse

Hello, :raised_hands: I am a brand designer and work on bringing fun and freedom of self-expression to the Metaverse

Hi, I am Ellie Rennie, a Professor in the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub. I am researching blockchain governance among other things. My twitter is @elinorrennie

ENS name: kullar.eth
Twitter @kullar
Discord bigbarraboom
Main interests: Building one “serious” useful thing, one long term artistic fun thing and then lots of side projects.

Currently in a SaaS company and this year prototyped something that helps with onboarding people to any app or website without downloads needed. Now my colleagues are building the real version and I’ll beta test it so looking forward to building 3rd party onboarding for Great project.


I am nelipot.eth.

I am interested in the potential that blockchain technology can bring to stream lining society as a whole but more specifically how it can be used to serve the unbanked/under banked and government financial systems that are clearly broken and in need of disruption. To tackle the real problems we will face in the future that stems from currency and property.

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ENS Name: ghanbak.eth
Discord/Twitter: ghanbak#1892 / @ghanbak
Main interests: UX Design, ETH, NFTs, ENS, and Star Wars (so hype for Book of Boba Fett)

Hello, I’m Ethan. I’m a product designer for a crypto wallet and exchange. I’ve been using ENS since last winter and excited to see where my background in design and crypto can help improve ENS. Excited to be joining ya’ll!

Hi all, I’m a GenX noob having a blast trying to keep up with this amazing new vision for the world. Trying to find a place to add value.

ENS name: ijwijld.eth
Twitter: @ijwijld
My main interests: block chain, financial equity, improved ux, Dao developments

ENS name: peatrick.eth
Twitter: @patpeatrick
Discord: peatrick#2046
My main interests: technology (web3), effective communication, process improvement

GM, #frENS! :coffee: Have been curious and passionate about technology most of my life, getting reacquainted to web3 (namely DeFi & NFTs) after learning the basics through the BTC scaling wars and ICO fever of 2017/2018. While i am not a Solidity developer, i am super excited to continue learning, especially about further opportunities for a neophyte to begin contributing to the overall community. Great big thanks to @validator.eth for the generosity and making me part of the .eth family. Let’s hang out!

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Hello ENS peeps
ens: jesusfchrist.eth
twitter: @jesusfchrist
discord: jesusfchrist.eth (8.9, 8.9)#5151
I’m a devops inclined security interested solidity noob
I’m looking for ways to better secure my project’s contract and wallet addresses
I thought ENS might be a good place to start looking

Hello Fellow ENS Community Members :stuck_out_tongue:

ENS name: 97tilinfinity.eth
Twitter: @Soyguzzi
Discord: 97tilinfinity.eth#5043

My Name is Guzzi I am just a normal dude I like cryptocurrency.
I am a music lover, I write and record songs.
I’m looking to interact with the ENS community and be an early Web3 user.



Hi everyone! Alex from Coinbase here, representing coinbase.eth.

ENS: coinbase.eth
Twitter (Coinbase): @coinbase
Twitter (personal): @areeve

I wanted to drop a quick “hi” and let you know how excited we are to be part of the DAO with all of you. We’re looking forward to the next proposal, and to helping ENS and the ecosystem grow.

All the best,
Alex and the Coinbase team


Hi everyone, nice to meet and some very interesting people collaborating on this from reading above.

ENS: stevencraven.eth
Discord: Rrylia#3604

I’m a chartered accountant by profession, but since leaving the eGaming space a couple of years ago, I’ve been working in tech / software development. We have a few early stage web3.0 projects ongoing. Total convert to remote/decentralised/asynchronous working pattern, would never work in an office again (unless circumstances go really against me!).

I’m an INTJ-A personality type, a fairly recent (2-3 yr ago) convert to cryptocurrency, very keen to help out however I can with this project. There are so many interesting projects right now but I have chosen to dedicate my free (!) time to ENS, another DAO project launching soon, and readyplayerme. That’s all I can fit on my plate outside of my day job and other hobbies. Really looking forward to seeing where we can take this project.

I’m a big believer in decentralisation and liberalism.

Big Overwatch fan, I played to an OK-ish level a while ago, but not had much time recently so only been able to watch OWL instead.

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  • ENS name: beaudenison.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle: beaudenison#7384 / beaudenison
  • Your main interests: Learning and finding ways to implement web3 into everyday things and business operations.

My name is Beau and I work currently as a Marketing Coordinator for 12 businesses, and also am a Commissioner for a Tribal Government. I got my name last month after the drop but i did have one from before so that was cool to get the airdrop, also cool thing about the airdrop was that it made me interested in this whole project and made me realize what I had and thought that this is going to be extremely powerful in the future, so yeah Im excited to be here and thanks Bradly and team!

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ENS: runchen.eth
Twitter: 0xRunchen
Discord: Runchen#6621

Hi all. I am working on a vc-fund of Republic Realm. Currently, I am focus on metaverse and gaming.

Hello frENS!

With most of you I’ve already swapped a few words on Discord/Forum/Basecamp, but here I say hello to all!
I’m nescio.eth (nescio.eth#1381 / from southwestern Europe.
Back in the day I studied Computer Science (transition web 1to2), but dropped out after a long ongoing disagreement with the professors at the university. The new manner of coding is way above my head so I’m going to skip that.
At the moment my job is taking most of my time so I can’t pick up major roles/projects. But rest assured, I will read every comment, post or idea on the forum and a lot of it on the Discord.
I’m plowing through all the ENS/DAO documents so I can be of major assistence when people in the chats ask questions. Especially now during the post airdrop hypetime. Nice to meet you all and see you around!

It’s a good idea to attach to as many interested people as we can. There is al old saying around here which goes as follow: Make hay while the sun shines!