Big introduce yourself thread

ENS Name: sabaisquared.eth
Twitter: @sabaisquared
Main interests: Human Rights, Ethereum, DAOs, Play-to-earn, NFTs

Hi everyone! During the day some might think I’m only a PhD Law Candidate. Little do they know my from GM to GM, I’m all about Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs. I have founded Three Pillars Gaming - a play-to-earn focused e-sports team and Anspar - an NFT apps marketplace. Currently also writing on the intersection between human rights and blockchain.

I’m really into the potential of various aspects of the blockchain space that this technology enables and have just loved exploring every day. I find ENS and its transition fascinating, so I’m excited to be a part of this DAO and build with all of you.

Thanks for your hard work! I guess the link should be :laughing:

GM fellow degENS :laughing:
My name is karlo.eth and I’m searching where do I fit best within web3, could be ENS but it could be something else, only time will tell :mantelpiece_clock:

ENS name: mehmetdogan.eth
Discord: mehmetdogan.eth#4306
Twitter: mehmetdoganeth
Main interests: ENS, Metaverse, NFT, Web3
Hi, I am mehmet. I am electrical enginner since 2004 and interested in ens, web3 nft metaverse

  • ENS name: grasponcrypto.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : grasponcrypto.eth#3687 / @grasponcrypto
  • Your main interests: Playing. I learn by doing so I do a lot. I try and teach what i’ve learned-by-doing in simplified, easy to understand concepts and relations. I enjoy helping new users avoid mistakes i’ve made, and avoid mistakes I havent made, as well as understand basic concepts of web3 in an easy and non-patronizing manner. I self host a lot of my own solutions and enjoy linux and learning!
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ENS name: kimberlymorrow.eth
Twitter @kmorrowsequart
Discord: kmorrowsequart#1305
My main interests: UX Design, VTS, Web3, NFTs, Writing, Art, Children’s Book, Graphic Novels, Illustration

Hi, I’m Kim.

I’ve been a UX/UI Designer and Content Strategist on web and app projects for 20+ years - so I’ve evolved through Web 1.0 and 2.0 and am now evolving once again for 3.0. I’m also a writer, illustrator, and artist and am a certified VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) facilitator.

I’m fairly new to the web 3.0 world, but am learning all I can and would love to be able to apply my HCI (human-computer interaction), design, creativity, research, innovation, visioning, and communication skills to help further the goals of this community and to help ensure we keep human needs at the center of our technological advances.


:slightly_smiling_face: Hi I’m Dan and am a proud dad of 2 awesome kids. I’m a full stack software/web developer by trade with 10+ years experience and have some experience (1yr+) with web3 and in contract development with Solidity. I’m currently working on a project called Glyphics and am looking forward to take part in whatever way I can to help better ENS and Ethereum spaces as a whole.
Twitter: @0xrdan
Discord: rDan#2930

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I’m Neo Logos. Musician, stoic podcast host, software dev. Purchase some .eth domains when I was trying to figure out blockchain a few years ago. Was happily surprised with the generous ENS airdrop! I’m interested in so many things in the blockchain development arena that it feels a bit overwhelming, but hope to find my niche soon.
I’m fairly active in the BanklessDAO which is how I found out about the ENS airdrop. We may want to look at partnering with them in their mission to onboard and education 1 billion people into the cryptosphere.

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ENS name: kourosh.eth
Twitter @kouroshbehnam
Discord: kourosh.eth#0470
I talk about: #paidmedia, #paidsearch, #paidsocial, #facebookads, and #integratedmarketing

Hi All. Good to be here with all you like minded folks. My name is Kourosh. I work with cross functional teams and external agencies to activate marketing campaigns through digital media channels. Often these are impactful return-on-ad-spend campaigns driving purchases of B2C products or lead gen campaigns driving leads for B2B products; other times they are simple (e.g. awareness campaigns) but drive major impact. I state clear objectives and navigate the many options to build the best campaigns possible while meeting timeline and budget requirements.

Looking forward to help the ENS DAO in anyway I can.

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ENS name: bishara.eth
Twitter @BisharaMubarak
Discord: bishara.eth
Main interests are Blockchain technology, ENS, Ethereum DApps, making the world a better place!

Hi All!
I’ve been involved in the Telecom High Tech Industry for almost 6 years now, Love it! I can see great similarities between the two spaces (Telecom and Crypto in general). I currently work in the 5G sector and bringing it to the world, the friction from most of the people and doubt is very similar. Even similar criticism about the technology, but guess what? we keep on pushing. I am very knowledgeable in the crypto space, learning everyday and FASCINATED by ENS and what it has done so far, love all the accomplishments and would like to contribute in spreading the good word, improving people’s lives’ afterall. :slight_smile:
Feel free to reach out to me, I’m currently looking to make the jump into this space.

Yours Truly
Millennial Degen


Hi all,

ENS name: cemgundogan.eth
Twitter Handle: @arifcemgundogan
Your main interests: All things climate change, machine learning, and blockchain.

So, this is Cem, originally from Turkey, currently living and working in the UK (London). I am a proud but tiny ENS delegate (in terms of representation) with a particular focus on sustainability. I think I can add value in this particular context as I am a climate change and sustainability analytics expert with 14 years of professional experience. I work at an International Organisation and currently building skills in machine learning and blockchain technology deployment within my areas of expertise. Looking forward to contributing as much as I can!


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  • ENS name: fuckelonmask.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : Yuri Hugh#9985
  • Your main interests: investing, data crunching, and talk with you guys on ENS ya
  • ENS name: rancidcanyon.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle : RancidCanyon.eth#3764 / @corvid
  • Your main interests: Mining ETH and learning about crypto and coding ^.^
    I’m certainly a newbie but I’m enjoying the process of learning and getting involved in communities like this!
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Hi! I’m Ashley

ENS name: ashleyb.eth
Discord: alewis#9907
Twitter: ashleyblewis
Main interests: sustainability

I live in California and do product management for tech startups. Currently head of product in the insure tech space. I’m very into sustainability and how to use blockchain for green initiatives. Super new but excited to be here. I currently own 3 ENS names.


Hi. I’m adi.

ens name: adit.eth
discord: adit#4554
twitter: @aditeth

love this project and i love bear markets.


ENS name: moore-designs.eth
Twitter @juicenosqueeze
Discord AM2021#4482
My main interests are Ethereum, Open Source Projects, Governance and DAO Treasury Management

Hi, my name is Alex and I stumbled across ENS a few months back while trying to get an understanding of web3. This interest in web3 started 8 months ago and it’s become a strong desire of mine to switch careers from analysis to developer and find a place for myself in this community. Currently I work as a Budget Analyst for an organization with 400 programs spread across the globe and an $8b annual budget. I’m looking forward to going down this path with all of you.

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  • ENS name: blackdave.eth
  • Discord/Twitter Handle (optional) : BlackDave#3384/ @blackdave
  • Your main interests: I’m an artist/thinker in the NFT space working at the intersection of anime, streetwear/sneakers & rap music. Catch me talking about “the culture” way more than you prolly want.

Just checking in. I’m Black Dave. On top of trying to make sure we’re being diversity aware in the NFT space, the concept of digital identity is so important to me - I liken it to the idea of things like my clothes being a part of my identity. Happy to be here.


ENS Name: markh.eth
Discord Handle: markh.eth#9382
My main interests: DAOs, decentralised user owned identity for everyone, usable (shareable) and with control personal details that you can monetise for the user.

Hey team ENS! Long term watcher - but thought I’d dive in! I’m the Founder of Kindana - yes, the website is super basic right now, but my vision is a decentralised user owned identity for everyone on this planet, one that isn’t owned by the tech giants. I’m doing this by starting by enabling users to take control of seeing where their personal details are shared, and use it faster where they actually want to. In my view, you could use or similar as an identity but the more I think/read - the more I think ENS could be the way to roll this out at scale. I’d love to chat with anyone who has any thoughts/ feedback on this :pray: Thank you to all you amazing people!

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ENS: cryptosyn.eth
Discord: CryptoSyn#2088
Twitter: @CryptoSynergy84

Hey everyone! I only really got interested in crypto mid 2020. I’m always interested in learning new things and hoping to learn a lot from this community and those that branch off of it. I’m hoping the more I learn the easier it will be for me to share this knowledge with others.

ENS: cryptosyn.eth
Discord: CryptoSyn#2088
Twitter: @CryptoSynergy84

Hey everyone! I only really got interested in crypto mid 2020. I’m always interested in learning new things and hoping to learn a lot from this community and those that branch off of it. I’m hoping the more I learn the easier it will be for me to share this knowledge with others.

I also mine ETH on a single GPU on my gaming rig and love anything ETH related. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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