Bounty: Gitcoin Passport plug-in for Discourse

Bounty: Gitcoin Passport plug-in for Discourse


Earlier this year we conceived of a Sybil resistance solution for the ENS DAO Forum — a Gitcoin Passport plug-in for Discourse.

This has since then become a joint project between ENS and Gitcoin, and we’ve decided to open this up as a public bounty that will be funded by the DAO Tooling pod, which is funded by the Meta-Governance Working Group.


The goal of implementing a Gitcoin Passport plug-in to the ENS governance forum is to preserve user anonymity while increasing Sybil resistance. Different tiers of points collected from providing stamps can be associated with different levels of access across the forum, automating a process which is currently carried out manually for the ENS Governance forum.


10,000 USDC to be distributed upon delivery of plug-in.


  • Open-source (2-clause BSD-licensed)
  • Configurable trust-levels
  • Configurable access-levels
  • Redirect to create a Gitcoin Passport (for users without one)
  • Sign-In With Ethereum Discourse-plugin compatibility
  • Time to create a passport for existing users without one
  • Badges for verification levels

Please see this document for the full project outline.

Additional information:
Applicants are encouraged to post a proposal including a project timeline in the comments below, as well as any information that is helpful to determine that the project can be delivered upon.

Point of Contact



Thanks to @0xZakk and the Gitcoin team for supporting the idea and sponsoring half of the bounty!


Thats awesome!! Look forward to it I just started using gitcoin recently

Communiteq can build this. We specialize in Discourse and offer hosting and plugin development as services, with 9+ years of experience in both. We are currently hosting, and quite some other DAO’s and we have previously helped out with some issues on the SIWE plugin.

We can perform this work for you in approximately the next two months.


Excited for you to be involved! @cthulu.eth will reach out (he may have already). Our weekly Meta-Governance Working Groups will resume next week. It would be great to have you on a call in the coming weeks. FYI the call times haven’t been confirmed yet, but we will let you know as soon as they are.

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Why is this a bounty rather than a proposal?

Bounties and proposals work differently.
With a bounty you could have multiple people working on trying to complete this without knowledge of others attempting to provide the same solution with their version of a product.

A proposal on the other hand will essentially allow multiple people to submit how they will accomplish the work. Then voted on or decided by stewards, however the proposal requests.

It would be a shame to have multiple people work on this and waste their time. Especially if this is project has already been started.

A bounty makes sense here because no money will be paid out unless the work is delivered. The issue with proposals is that even when money is paid out, there is no guarantee that the work will actually be delivered.

If multiple parties are working on the same bounty there is also more of a chance that the work will be delivered quickly.

If it plays out this way, would the bounty simply go to the first party to deliver? Asking because speed might not equal quality/stability/extensibility.

The bounty will be awarded to the first person/party to deliver a functional and stable plugin that satisfies the requirements of the bounty.

Specifically for a retroactive grant - it’d be for the first team to deliver it in a hard fork. But I doubt there’d be two!

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Update: Bounty closed

This work has transitioned from being a bounty to a funding request. The work will be undertaken by Richard (@rgj) from Communiteq.

I will leave the thread open for ongoing updates.

Hey folks, wanted to share that we built out this plugin. The code is open source and has detailed documentation and a video tutorial on how it works. We would be happy to help answer questions and provide support.

Of course, I do understand that the bounty was changed to a funding request a few hours back. This is not a concern, we would be happy to help out regardless, if it saves time for the community.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to post on the ENS forum after filling out an Airtable form a while back (hoping Gitcoin Passport solves this :smile:). I wasn’t able to get access until today, so couldn’t share our work on this earlier. I apologize if it seems like we’re trying to step on others’ toes.

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Hey @chaks.eth, great to see your post. I think I maybe hit a Wallet Connect issue during signup. Just DM’d you on Twitter so we can sync on a call about it.

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Thanks for reaching out and raising this issue, @alisha.eth

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Hey folks, wanted to share a couple updates here.

The Wallet Connect issue is a known issue on the WalletConnect end (probably occured after the v2 migration) that’s causing mobile wallets to not work with the Sign in with Ethereum plugin. I believe this is currently being looked at by the team and I will be checking in with them from time to time.

Until then, we have added a fix on our end and tested it with Trust Wallet on both Android and iOS (it is quite likely that some wallet clients may not work still). We have created a sandbox where the Gitcoin Passport plugin is live. Anyone can try it out now :grinning:

Finally, we have added the plugin in the official Discourse forum, which also means we’re here to support the plugin and improve it with feedback! You can check it out here.

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