Bring in outside Auditor in so the masses see where they money is going

The DAO needs to audited by external auditors like a a 500 company would like a Deloitte or a PWC. Anyone against this on the board should be removed.

You can see every transaction to/from the DAO wallet here. The wallet is controlled directly by onchain votes, so the only way for any funds to be disbursed is via a publicly declared vote.


That wallet has 336 outgoing transactions (ENS + USDC). There has not been 336 votes/proposals.

Another concern is that there have been payments to individuals originating from multisigs not under the control of any workgroup. Some of these payments are going to stewards. We need some transparency on why these funds were paid out outside the workgroups.
Here is one of the addresses etherscan that is not under the control of any workgroup but has been paying out funds to certain individuals.

Maybe we need an auditor after all.

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This wallet belongs to True Names Ltd., and they are a private and also the parent founding organisation of ENS. They paid out to the contributors out of their own pocket. They are not obliged to be transparent. But I love the fact that people are searching. Keep up the good work! We don’t need auditors when we have an amazing community with eagle eyes :handshake: :clap:

tl;dr This is not a DAO wallet


You then need to go saying we don’t need auditors. Be transparent not our job to dig.

I applaud the response of the team. In other projects, they would have removed or blocked the comment. Good job :ok_hand::+1:

I understand @Sad point of view. As a financial administration graduate, I issued to make companies financial statements and evaluate other companies performance according to them.

Now as an small investor, I have to “dig” a little but for me it’s both fun and interesting.


I understand your concern and is 100% valid. We are very lucky to be on the forefront of technology that has established a blockchain that allows us to see the entire ledger with transparency. You are also correct. It is not your job to dig. It is a personal choice that you have made.

A great benefit to being part of tech in the early stages is running into obstacles. How you approach those obstacles is up to you. Find a solution that is viable, conducive and beneficial to everyone and then make a proposal and if that is accepted by the community and beyond, you might find yourself in a rewarding and successful career and or business opportunity.


Fair and I agree. But this dao if one of the biggest and how do we know who is actually getting the money. How do we know it’s not some Smurf accounts. Just real borderline sketchy. Nick.eth himself has received grants from ens DAO. Kinda sus. DAOs are gonna be regulated within the next 5 years and they will back date stuff. Feels like a bunch of Nate Opensea type stuff could be going on here but down a different lane.

Who is going to regulate DAOs? Where did you see that information?