Clarifying the difference between the Ecosystem WG and the Public Goods WG scopes

I’m not clear on the differences between the scope of the Ecosystem WG and the Public Goods WG. From many conversations I’ve had in the last couple of months, it seems I’m not the only one.

The WG proposal states:

ENS Ecosystem: continuing development and improvement of the ENS protocol and ecosystem, with a focus on all technical matters related to ENS;

Public Goods: amplifying ENS as a public good and funding public goods within the ENS ecosystem, and more broadly within web3.

The bolded part is one source of confusion for me. If the Public Goods groups funds projects within the ecosystem, so what does the ecosystem group funds? Commercial projects?

I was hoping to clear the difference by observing the function of these groups, but the Gitcoin grant (obviously a public good) was discussed in the Ecosystem meetings, and our (Esteroids) .eth websites competition was founded by the Ecosystem WG (though I’d imagine it’s a public good), so that didn’t help.

Does anyone have a phrasing that can make the scope of each group clearer? It’s best to come up with one before the Q3/Q4 elections.

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The ecosystem WG funds projects directly related to ENS - for example, The public goods WG funds Ethereum public goods that aren’t directly related to ENS but still benefit the wider community.


That’s super clear. Maybe we can change the phrasing to say that (though I’m not sure what’s the process to do that).

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