Community Steward Call #9 - Meeting Minutes

Community Stewards Call #9 - Meeting Minutes

Date: Every Friday at noon EST. 12pm EST (5:00pm UTC)
Attendees: @coltron.eth, @limes, @spencecoin, @alisha.eth, Rebecca T.
Recording: Not Recorded; see provide minutes for details.
Start: 1200 EST
End: 1300 EST

Follow-up From Last Week

Item 1) DAO Wide Stewards Call

  • @alisha.eth brought up the need for another DAO-wide steward call to discussion financial tools for the DAO. Both Utopia Labs and Parcel would like to speak to us.
  • @coltron.eth has created a Calendly poll tor a meeting to take place early next week. Please see this post for more information and to select a preferred time.

Item 2) IRL Events

  • Further clarification as provided on options for IRL events by @alisha.eth. TNL will be continuing a relationship with ETHGlobal and has an existing budget set aside for official workshops and protocol-related events. TNL would like to continue to handling these protocol-related items.
    • The DAO will focus on using the Community WG’s IRL budget to provide community, social and a marketing presence at upcoming events.
  • @limes is looking at limited-run merch options specifically targeting at ETHNYC.
  • Ideas to leverage community meet-ups and social media opportunities at these IRL events is also being explored.

Other Items Discussed

  • The Community Working group will be sponsoring two POAPathon design contests for Community WG POAPs. POAPathon supports graphic designers around the world and provides the DAO with a very cost-effective way to have professional looking POAPs while supporting a circular economy.
    • When this contest goes live, we will call on all community members and delegates to vote on their favorite designs.
  • @coltron.eth will continue working with OtterSpace which has offered an onboarding solution to the ENS DAO. This service is offered at no cost and will be piloted by the Community WG. No timeline has been identified.



@Community_Stewards & @alisha.eth Please edit if I have left anything out or something needs corrected.


OtterSpace looks sick. Interested to learn more!

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I’m waiting to hear back. Will give us some space to set-up Orca Protocol, but tentatively mid-April may be a timeline target to begin piloting this with the Community WG.

Thanks for this, lots of exciting things mentioned. I am personally really looking forward to (hopefully) attending some IRL events and providing coverage this year.

Also, Otter looks pretty brilliant if executed properly. Kind of reminds me of how Snapshot currently keeps track of proposals/voting, but (it looks like) it will also incorporate all of the other various tasks that come with being active in a DAO.

Edit - I would also like to be kept up to date with the latest on Orca. I’ve heard a lot about it and I watched the call with them, but I don’t know what the plan is for integration yet. I’ve had a few people ask me what’s going on with the WG budgets, I assume it will be done through Orca.


Otterspace looks very interesting, looking forward to that.