Community Stewards Call #7 - Meeting Minutes

Community Stewards Call #7 - Meeting Minutes

Date: Every Friday at noon EST. 12pm EST (5:00pm UTC)
Attendees: @Coltron.eth, @Limes, @spencecoin, @matoken.eth @alisha.eth @vegayp @estmcmxci
Recording: Google Meet Video
Start: 1200 EST
End: 1257 EST

Follow-up From Last Week

  • Budgetary Concerns
    • No significant objections to the current voting on our budget proposal were noted.
  • We briefly reiterated our thoughts on the Constitution Book and delivery to the community. In favor of extending the list to the top 13 delegates and a raffle or auction for the remainder.
  • Video recording from last week’s call

Item 1) Code of Conduct

Item 2) IRL Events

  • @Limes has been researching opportunities for ENS to get more involved in in-person events. He spoke with ETHPrague about establishing an ENS presence within our budget.
  • @matoken.eth highlighted that these events are best at drawing engagement around the times that we have news related to the ENS protocol to broadcast, which CCIP-Read and the Name Wrapper should be kept in mind.

Item 3) Onboarding

  • @coltron.eth reiterated that we will begin a weekly onboarding call to take place every Friday at 1:30 pm EST (6:30 pm UTC) using the same meeting link as our other Community Calls.

Other Items Discussed




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