Distributing the Special Edition ENS Constitution books

Our graphic designer has completed the initial draft of the ENS constitution book previously mentioned on Twitter. This is a book with the constitution itself, and the signatures of everyone who voted on it and had an ENS primary name set as of the end of the voting period - some 47,167 names in total. We’re planning to have three editions:

  1. A “digital edition”, a free downloadable PDF.
  2. An unlimited print-on-demand edition anyone can buy online.
  3. A very limited run of 50 copies of an ‘original edition’.

For the original edition, we’re planning to give free copies to the ENS core team and the top 10 non-TNL delegates as of the end of constitution voting. This is the following people:

  • coinbase.eth
  • chainlinkgod.eth
  • rainbowwallet.eth
  • avsa.eth
  • she256.eth
  • lefteris.eth
  • mikedemarais.eth
  • fireeyesdao.eth
  • cory.eth
  • simona.eth

Between that and the core team, 22 copies are accounted for. I’d like to solicit feedback from the community WG on two things:

  1. If we intend to give half away to contributors and distribute the other half by another means, who should the remaining 3 copies go to? One option is to add the next 3 delegates in order of vote count.
  2. How should the remaining 25 copies be distributed? Auctioned off? By raffle? What should the entry criteria be? If funds are raised from this, how should they be used?

I will bring this up for discussion at our stewards call tomorrow (02/25).


I’m a bit of a prankster… so take this suggestion with a pinch of salt…

can we send a copy to ICANN?

Another idea: sending a copy to a museum of DAOs / web3

I just searched and this is all I found now: https://www.meta-museum.org/ (not endorsing it)

Just thinking it would be good to keep a copy for that… in future if this hasn’t been created.

Last random brainstorming idea:

A copy that is ‘passed forward’ by members of the DAO, sent by standard ‘snail-mail’ postal service to those that want to get it for a week or more. At the end of which they send it onwards with a signature of something one of the pages.

There is a privacy concern with this idea, but I am just visualising this book that has traveled the world and been in the hands of 100s if not 1000s of ENS members.



We did not reach any strong consensus on, but here were our thoughts:

  1. In favor of adding the next three delegates in order of delegations.
  2. A combination of an auction and raffle for a portion of the remaining 25. Did not reach consensus on distribution.
    • Auction.
    • Raffle. Entrants determined by core team and stewards. Transparent, randomized selection. OR a user-generated art contest on twitter voted on by the DAO (poems, drawings, digital artwork, etc).

Funds generated should reimburse the cost of the production of the book. Surplus would go back to treasury or to a fund decided on by the DAO.


Sounds reasonable. Given the suggestions elsewhere in the thread, perhaps only two more delegates should be added to the list, and one copy should be reserved for a museum/archive?

If there’s to be a raffle, it seems to me that entrants should be limited to those in the book.


I think those contributors who were instrumental in the development of the ENS Constitution should be rewarded before any raffle or auction, as a thank you for their efforts.

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@nick.eth + 1 to both the archived copy and limiting distribution to those in the book. I’d be in favor of two copies being preserved.

Just a thought, but have you looked at the process of getting this registered with your NZ National Library for electronic distribution? I believe in the U.S. getting a PCN/LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) assigned by the publisher allows public libraries to provide it in physical or digitized form. e.g, downloading on your kindle for free from your local library.

:point_up: A government library isn’t necessary for free digital distribution, but it might be symbolically significant.


I don’t know how elaborate we want to get with it, but I think it would be interesting to maybe set aside say… 5 limited editions for auction. The twist being, there are also 5 associated NFTs that people bid on to win one of those 5 physical copies.

Then the NFTs could be traded separately into the future and hold sentimental valuable in it’s native medium, distinct from the physical copies but still connected to them in legacy.

Edit - oh yeah, auction proceeds go to DAO treasury, while the associated NFTs are on the open market.

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Perhaps a contest on the forum and twitter where people submit content that promotes ENS. Content creation would be a good way to filter out people that aren’t that interested and put it in the hands of people who care.


I think that between the TNL staff and the top 10 delegates, this is already covered.

I can ask! We were going to get an ISBN but decided to omit that for the limited edition (but we’ll still have it for the POD one).

I’d be happy to do that, or a raffle, for all 25 - whichever people are more enthusiastic about it. It’d be nice if we chose a method that recouped some of the printing costs, and maybe even raised some funds for the DAO.


The digital copy of the book is ready for preview here: https://ens.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/QmRbCjEw71uFsZUx9V7xTo8dLcgCkUBYYhaJNSKVSRaKbR


I am honored to be receiving a copy of the “original edition” but I think I, and many others would also be happy to pay for one. Why the limited run of 50 copies? Why not make it 100, or 500? Maybe we could do a “signing night” in Amsterdam during devconnect and then auction these.

Half for charity, half for true names which is heading the project. Don’t be shy on making some money Nick!

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I’m happy to entertain suggestions of a larger run! I will say that the production cost is quite high - for 50 copies the production cost is about $175/copy. That would go down a bit with a larger run, but it’s a large book and very “deluxe” so I expect it to still cost a lot, and there may be a limited audience for such a pricey artefact. Keeping quantities low to make it “exclusive” is one way to make sure it pays for itself.

We’d also like to use Blurb to do a PoD edition, which will still be a lovely hardcover, but without some of the deluxe features like debossing and painted edges that make the limited edition so expensive.


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I think it is an issue with pinata as when I changed the domain to the cloudflare-ipfs.com the pdf started downloading.


I’d be keen to look at buying a copy of the book. Such an amazing keepsake for those who are passionate about the project. Would love for this opportunity to bubble up to the surface at some point again in the future.



This is now launched! We decided to give 25 copies to:

  • 12 TNL staff
  • 10 top delegates who have voted on at least half of all votes
  • @serenae
  • @vbuterin
  • One reserved for future allocation

The remaining 25 are being auctioned off.

More details, images of the books in this Twitter thread.

You can download, buy, or bid here: https://constitution.ens.domains/


Woah, thank you so much, I’m honored… :flushed:

I was just on that page debating whether to bid in the auction too.

Is the physical “unlimited edition” also different from the limited edition? Just wondering because I’m gonna buy one of the unlimited physical copies anyway, to have “one to hold and use”, and keep the limited edition enshrined :laughing:

Edit: Looks like it is, that’s awesome


Yup. The contents are the same, but it’s a much nicer printing, with better paper, covers, and a slipcase.