DAOplomats Delegation Platform

DAOplomats Delegation Platform

Name: DAOplomats.eth
Delegate Address: 0x057928bc52bD08e4D7cE24bF47E01cE99E074048
Delegate ENS Address: gov.DAOplomats.eth
Forum Username: Baer, Jenga
Website: DAOplomats.org

Twitter: https://x.com/DAOplomats

Our Voting Activity: Boardroom


DAOplomats is a governance-as-a-service organisation that empowers DAOs through effective governance, treasury management, grants programs, and community-building initiatives. We leverage our expertise to help DAOs achieve their full potential by fostering collaboration and maximising positive outcomes.


Our core values of objective decision-making, decentralisation , and positive-sum collaboration guide our approach to DAO governance. We believe in empowering communities and pushing decision-making power to the edges, fostering win-win scenarios that benefit all stakeholders.

DAO Vision & Goals for ENS:

Empowering ENS Adoption and User-Centric Design:

We are committed to supporting ENS’s mission of making blockchain addresses more user-friendly. Our goal is to promote ENS adoption by encouraging participation in governance and advocating for user-centric design principles.

Cross DAO Collaboration and Building Strong DAOlationships:

Leveraging our experience in collaborating with various DAOs, we aim to foster collaboration between ENS and other relevant projects.This collaboration can unlock opportunities to integrate ENS with other decentralized systems, enhancing its utility and usability.

Community-Centric Education and Participation:

Recognising the importance of a vibrant community, we prioritise educational initiatives to raise awareness about ENS’s features and benefits. We will actively engage the ENS community by facilitating discussions, gathering feedback on proposals, and ensuring inclusivity in decision-making processes.


DAOplomats has extensive experience in DAO governance, including

  • Designing and implementing effective governance frameworks,
  • Analysing proposals objectively
  • Fostering consensus

While our experience primarily lies with other DAOs, our transferable skills and deep understanding of DeFi make us well-suited to contribute to ENS’s governance processes.

Why ENS?

We are deeply impressed by ENS’s mission to make blockchain technology accessible for everyday users and ensure user-centric design in the evolution of the internet. ENS’s decentralised naming system aligns with our values, and we believe that DAOplomats’ expertise in fostering collaboration and community engagement can significantly benefit ENS.


DAOplomats maintain transparency and will disclose any potential conflicts of interest before voting on proposals.

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You include ENS in your picture. What experience do you have with the ENS DAO?


In addition to being active in voting and communicating rationale, Our member jengajojo has been active in governance conversations over a month.

The “delegate platform” post is popular on other other protocols, but generally not something that delegates maintain here.

We’d probably want to create a new category or tag if this is something that catches on

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We want to keep a track of our voting rationale on the forum, and yes a new tag / category will be good !

[EP 5.5] Funding Request: ENS Public Goods Working Group Term 5 (Q1/Q2)
4th April 2024 (Onchain)
Voted: We are in favor of this proposal since it ensures continued support for vital Web3 ecosystem projects, advancing Ethereum’s development and fostering community collaboration.]

[EP 5.6] [Executable] Enable Self-Funding for the Endowment
4th April 2024 (Onchain)
Voted: 2. We voted yes, because this streamlines Endowment operations by allowing autonomous financing, thus reducing administrative burden, and ensuring financial sustainability.