Dm3 - decentralized messaging for web3

@pedrouid, thanks for your feedback! If I understood correctly, you are using chacha20-poly1305 for encryption/decrypting and ed25519 for authenticating the client. Are you using the same public key for both algorithms?

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Hey all, just want to start by saying I really enjoyed @hai-ko.eth’s initial post, and all of the thoughtful responses since. As @hai-ko.eth called out, ENS is an ideal home for decentralized public records relating to identity, especially those that might be related to communication.

Note: for context, I’m a co-founder of XMTP Labs, and along with our team, have been deep in the weeds in building a secure web3 messaging protocol called XMTP, so this subject is of incredible relevance and importance to me.

This exchange, especially in @slobo.eth, @nick.eth, and @pedrouid’s responses, really got me curious about identifying a neutral and service-agnostic approach for web3 messaging which could use ENS, and perhaps see formal adoption later. And with the 8/29 Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, it seems the community would appreciate an approach like this as well.

Attendees express concern that the DAO should be careful to consider any one protocol to pursue this work; ENS should focus on being involved with projects that have maximum applicability to users.

I thought I’d contribute to the discussion here by perhaps taking us down the path of a more agnostic approach to bringing messaging to ENS. It’s not entirely related to this particular topic, so I’ve broken out my idea for an ENS Messaging Provider (MP) record into its own topic. It would be awesome if those interested in the topic of web3 messaging could provide some feedback so that we can keep this conversation going: