Agenda for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, August 29, 2022 @ 6PM GMT

Google Meet link :

Stewards : @slobo.eth, @validator.eth, and @bobjiang


A) Discuss dm3
B) ENS ecosystem round - Gitcoin GR15 - open questions
C) ENS Project Highlights
D) ENS core updates
E) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement
F) Open space for others ecosystem related topics

How to present projects:

  • Audience : The audience are folks who have a high level understanding of technology but are not technical experts. Assume zero knowledge of solidity.
  • User Story : Start with a user story, such as person A wanted censorship resistance storage so we invited IPFS. Then dive into the needed details.
  • Duration : Try to keep the demo / presentation to under 5 minutes
  • Request : Describe the ask early to set the context for the demo or project. Ask can be for funds, feedback problem or project, or to give the project greater awareness.

Notes by @Coltron.eth

Attendees: alisha.eth, Anas Hamada, anthonyware.eth, coltron.eth, degen 3402, ENS Punks, gskril.eth, Heiko Burkhardt, hellenstans.eth, limes.eth, maintainer.eth, estmcmxci.eth, Robin Nagpal, slobo.eth, stevegachau.eth, validator.eth, vegayp.eth, zadok7.eth

A) Discuss DM3

DM3 is a messaging platform that, “allows you to easily write and sign an encrypted message to another ENS domain owner, such as alice.eth, without having any single point of failure.”

  • Q: What is DM3 looking for?
    A: The team has been heads down building out dm3 and the key ask is feedback on the project. @hai-ko.eth has been very receptive to feedback and I encourage everyone to continue to provide their perspectives.
  • Q: Will adoption be hampered by the current design?
    A: As of August 2022, there are ~200 million addresses[1] with some activity. ENS has ~400 thousand primary owners. Though the protocol outlined above can handle wallet-to-wallet communication for non-ens address it depends on an alternative delivery services. A concern is the splitting and siloing of the data as result of multiple delivery services.
    Above questions adapted from summary posted in DM3 thread.
  • Attendees express concern that the DAO should be careful to consider any one protocol to pursue this work; ENS should focus on being involved with projects that have maximum applicability to users.
  • @hai-ko.eth affirmed that they want to audit the DM3 platform to ensure it is as secure as possible and stated "This project is supposed to help all of web three and is being built for the web3 community. "

A complete discussion on DM3 can read here.

B) ENS ecosystem round - Gitcoin GR15 - open questions

  • The ecosystem stewards are holding a GR15 Grantee Workshop Wednesday, August 31st, @ 6 pm GMT. See the forum post for more details.
  • If you have submitted or plan to submit, please DM @alisha.eth on Twitter to ensure your project makes it into the grants round.
  • ENS Punks and 3402.eth held a Twitter Space with Neiman and Bishara this week. The recording can be found on Twitter.

C) ENS Project Highlights

  • Robin Nagpal from DoDAO showcased an ENS educational resource being built.
  • The content would host guides on various ENS and ENS DAO topics. Each guide would contain knowledge checks that reinforce the learning of key concepts explained in the course.

D) ENS core updates

  • ENS DAO is hiring a community manager. If you apply or know someone applying, please jump into Alisha’s DMs.
  • Anyone currently using should move to or to prevent the possibility of malicious activity while the is down.
  • A mid-quarter update from Khori was provided to the DAO on the forum with TNL and protocol updates. View the full forum post here.

E) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement


  • luc.eth and makoto.eth are supporting ETHOnline Hackathon, taking place from September 2nd - 28th, 2022. To apply for this hackathon, see the official ETHOnline Website.

Devcon Bogota

  • ENS DAO will have a booth at Devcon Bogota! Coordination for DAO members wishing to connect during the event will be initiated by @coltron.eth via a forum post.

F) Open space for other ecosystem-related topics

  • gregskril.eth is the ENS Ecosystem Fellow for term 2!
  • This is the first fellowship sponsored by the ENS ecosystem working group.
  • The goal of the fellowship is to, “identify and support builders/devs who are actively creating and contributing within the ENS ecosystem, or have already made a significant impact in their contributions to ENS.”
  • Read the official announcement.
  • Congratulations Greg! :partying_face: