ENS Ecosystem Fellowship

ENS Ecosystem Fellowship

This term, the Ecosystem WG is running an experiment called the ENS Ecosystem Fellowship.

The purpose of the Fellowship program is to identify and support builders/devs who are actively creating and contributing within the ENS ecosystem, or have already made a significant impact in their contributions to ENS.

Fellows are selected based on their potential to make positive, long-lasting contributions to the ENS Ecosystem.

Each fellow will receive a grant to the value of US$50k for the Term, to encourage them to continue their work building and experimenting with ENS and acknowledge their past impact on the ENS ecosystem.

The Ecosystem working group allocated $50k in USDC to pilot the ENS Fellowship this term (Q3/Q4 2022). Selection of the Fellow for this term is made by the stewards of the Ecosystem working group. For details on selection going forward, please see the “Next Steps and Beyond” section below.

Fellowship Details

  • Each ENS Fellowship will run for a Term (six months).

  • This Fellowship period will be for the Second Term (Q3/Q4) of 2022, which runs from July 1 2022 to December 31st 2022.

  • The Fellowship grant will be $50k USDC for the Term—which will be distributed through a stream.

  • The ENS Fellow in a given Term is encouraged to provide updates to the Lead Steward of the Ecosystem working group from time to time, so their work may be amplified within the community.

  • There are no explicit deliverables an ENS Fellow must deliver over the course of a Fellowship.

  • Fellows are not precluded from receiving additional grants for their projects from the DAO—whether directly from working groups, the ENS grants platform, the ENS Ecosystem Gitcoin Grants Round, or any other DAO-funded initiative.

ENS Fellow: gregskril.eth

The ENS Ecosystem Fellow for the second term of 2022 will be Greg Skril.

Greg has been contributing to the ENS ecosystem since December 2021. Below is a list of Greg’s ENS-related projects.

ethleaderboard.xyz: A website that shows the 100k+ Twitter accounts with a .eth name to track adoption of the ENS/Ethereum ecosystem. Accompanied by a Twitter bot that constantly searches for new accounts and allows users to add themselves.

ensfairy.xyz: A website that simplifies the registration process for .eth names. The ENS Fairy website enables people to register a .eth name and send (fairy) it to the recipient’s wallet, or to the ENS Fairy vault that is managed by validator.eth and nick.eth.

ensfees.wtf: Dune dashboard that lets you enter any wallet address and see the total amount spent on ENS registration fees, displayed in ETH and USD.

ethgasalerts.xyz: A suite of tools that helps people save significant money on Ethereum transaction fees. Includes gas price predictions, transaction fee estimates, and low gas alerts. Users can see an estimate of the cost of a range of ENS-related transactions based on gwei at a certain amount. Estimates are provided for the cost to register a .eth name, set a record, register a subdomain, import a DNS name, set a text record and transfer a name.

ENS Records API: Open-source API to fetch common text records from any ENS name for easier integration.

website.ens.art: ENS/IPFS website generator that lists ENS profile information.

Community participation: As well as building projects that contribute to the ENS Ecosystem, @gregskril also participates in weekly Working Group calls for the ENS DAO and makes regular appearances on ENS-related Twitter spaces to share updates related to his work and help educate the community.

Next Steps and Beyond

  • Give @gregskril a follow on Twitter to keep up to date with his projects.

  • Keep an eye out for an upcoming Twitter Space with Greg, and be sure to follow the ENS DAO and ENS on Twitter.

  • The stream will be set up in the coming week or two.

  • If the ENS Fellowship pilot is deemed a success by the community, the Fellowship may continue into 2023 and be expanded.

  • Over the coming months, the Ecosystem WG can use the time to think through the selection process for the Fellowship beyond this term. After ideas have been polled at the next Ecosystem WG call (30th august) a new forum thread will be posted for further discussion.

Thanks to the Ecosystem stewards for their support in running this pilot.


I can’t wait to see what Greg builds next!

He’s a coding machine and I can’t think of anyone more deserving.


Well deserved @gregskril, I’ve seen you in the discord often too, never afraid to ask technical questions about the protocol/contracts which is awesome!


Well deserved @gregskril !!! I’m looking forward to using the awesome tools you keep pumping out!


Here is the tweet from the ENS DAO account if you’d like to like, comment, or retweet.


Really excited to see Ecosystem explore this pilot, and what it will become in the subsequent terms.

With Greg’s repertoire of helpful projects and dedication to ENS, he’s a great choice for the first fellowship!


@gregskril You are a gentleman and a scholar ser. I’ve always liked how you see a need, and just build. You always carry yourself with a humble attitude as well. Can’t believe you’re so new to the crypto space considering all you’ve done so far for it and ENS. You are super inspirational to many. Keep doing what you’re doing! :partying_face:


This is awesome, and @gregskril definitely deserves the recognition! Congrats!


Thanks so much everyone!! It’s truly an honor to be selected for this and I’m incredibly grateful for the DAO’s support in everything I do :heart:


Congratulations @gregskril :partying_face:


@gregskril you’ve been making stride after stride this year. Love your work and so happy to see this awarded to you!


Well deserved @gregskril
Your many interesting ideas bring a lot of energy to the ENS community. You are also a helpful engineer, and I would like to thank you for answering some of my questions not long ago.


Congratulations @gregskril - definitely well deserved! :tada::slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats @gregskril! Very well deserved.


Congrats @gregskril ! This is awesome. The ensfairy site is my personal fav! Thank you for your work. :sunglasses:


I just want to say congrats @gregskril !


Congrats @gregskril, it’s an inspiration how you’re constantly shipping :+1::+1:


Congrats @gregskril!!! Your impact on the ENS ecosystem has been amazing.

I’m stoked for what you will create next.

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As an update, the stream for @gregskril has been set up using https://app.sablier.finance/.

Here’s how the stream looks:

What this shows is that Greg, at his discretion, can with withdraw ~4k of the 50k as of right now.

On a side note, Sablier was easy to set up for the payor and the recipient.