Spending Summary - Working Groups Term 2 2022

Spending Summary - Working Groups Term 2 2022


On August 14th, 2022 EP 16 passed the on-chain vote which funded the working groups for 2022 Term 2.

This summary aims to provide an overview of working group spending during the previous term.

All Working Groups

Combined Spending

The total working group spending was $1.27MM.

Actual Distributions vs. Budget

The amount spent was equal to 39% of the amount budgeted.

Individual Working Groups

ENS Ecosystem

The Ecosystem working group spent the equivalent of 783k USD value.

Spending Across Initiatives

Spending occurred across multi-sigs as defined in the budget. This chart depicts spending rolled up into meaningful categories to broadly illustrate the use of funding this term.

Note: Project/Builder Grants rolls up the spending from ens-buildors, ens-websites, ens-limo, retro grants, ccip/subdomains, experimental grants, and discretionary steward grants.

Project/Builder Grants

This category combines several pods. It funded numerous projects throughout the term, including eth.limo and Nimi. Some of the projects funded can be seen here.


The Ecosystem working group supported hackathons from the ens-hack pod. This funding provided prize pool money for developers submitting projects and boosted ENS’s presence by providing booths at hackathons

Support Mods

These funds were used to cover support ticket coverage across the ENS Discord and the governance forum.

Gitcoin Grants

ENS Ecosystem working group provided $69,420 to GR15 in September 2022. A summary can be found, here

Community-Focused Initiatives

This covered items such as the merch store, translation work on learn docs, and POAP Paint Party to commemorate the anniversary of the DAO.

ENS Ecosystem Fellowship

Supported gregskril.eth as the ENS Ecosystem Fellow for 2022 Term 2. See the announcement.

IRL Events

The IRL events funded side events that coincided with ENS sponsorships of conferences and hackathons. Notable events this term was the Happy Hour in Bogotá during Devcon, which saw 169 attendees, and a co-sponsored meet-up during ETHSanFrancisco with Fuel Labs and Worldcoin.

Small Grants

Three Ecosystem Small Grants rounds were hosted on ensgrants.xyz. This initiative distributed 20E to more than 14 unique projects.


The Meta-Governance working group spent the equivalent of 237k USD value.

Spending Across Initiatives

Note: Other spending rolls-up ens-governance, discretionary and unallocated.


The Meta-Governance working group funds compensation to DAO stewards and secretary as provisioned in the budget from the meta-gov main multi-sig.

DAO Tools

DAO tooling initiatives were undertaken by the ens-daotooling pod. This included funding for the ENS Small Grants platform, ENS Agora, forum banner, and ongoing Dune dashboard development.

Other Spending

This includes gas-free delegation on delegate.ens.domains and small amounts rolled up across discretionary, ens-governance, and unallocated.

Public Goods


The Public Goods working group spent the equivalent of 251k USD value.

Spending Across Initiatives

Gitcoin Rounds

The GR 15 grants round ran September 7-22nd providing 100k. A summary of GR15 can be found, here. This also includes a forward-looking payment of 50k to be used in Q1 2023.

ENS Public Goods Scholarship

The ENS Public Goods Scholarship provides 1,000 USDC per month for 12 months to 6 recipients who are building or working on public goods. Read the forum announcement and discussion.

Small Grants

The PG Small Grants hosted on ensgrants.xyz provided 25E to 18 unique winners of four rounds of grants. Three rounds awarded 1E to five winners, and one round awarded 10E to 10 winners.


A total of 5k was used for the cost of development for the Small Grants platform. Any ongoing work was shifted to the Meta-Gov working group.


Working Group Term 2 Budget Compiled Data
Combined - Spreadsheet
Ecosystem Forum Post Spreadsheet
Meta-Gov Forum Post Spreadsheet
Public Goods Forum Post Spreadsheet

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