Minutes for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, Jan 19th 2023 @ 6pm GMT

Weekly Public Goods Meeting, January 19th, 2022 @ 6PM GMT

Google Meet link: meet.google.com/iko-moej-rxc

Stewards: @AvsA @vegayp , and @Coltron.eth


A) General DAO News

B) Small Grants Round

C) Budget Discussion

D) Open space for additional topics or comments



184.eth, 5pence, Anav Sawhney, Coltron, Daylon, Eduardo, hellenstans.eth, Makoto, Marcus, Vincent / zadok7

Minutes & call notes by @daylon.eth

A) General DAO News

  • There is a new executable proposal on the forum for converting ETH to USDC - Discussion

  • Working groups are expected to post budgets today.

  • There is a Twitter Space at 2 PM ET to discuss Name Wrapper.

B) Small Grants Round

The Public Goods Working Group is hosting a Public Goods Small Grants round this month. Submit now until January 25th at https://ensgrants.xyz

C) Budget Discussion

@Coltron.eth has provided a summary of how funding was used last term - Spending Summary - Working Groups Term 2, 2022

D) Open space for additional topics or comments**

  • Makoto would like to use the the Telegram channel for last term for communication.

  • Discussed inviting Public Goods Scholars, Small Grants recipients on future calls to showcase the work that Public Goods is supporting.

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