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This thread will host discussion on the Q3/Q4 2022 Public Goods Budget Request.

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The Public Goods Working Group is requesting funding of 430,650 USD equivalent for the second term. The budget has five categories. All figures are presented in USD equivalent.

*July 19, 2022. ETH = 1500 USD and ENS = 11.00 USD.

Multisigs / Subgroups: $431k USD Value

Funding for each category is associated with a multisig wallet that has a clearly defined mandate. These multisigs been approved by current stewards of the ENS Public Goods working group.



The breakdown of each Multisig/Subgroup is the following. The PG Pod is the main multisig for the Public Goods Working Group.

Grants: $173K USD Value

Funding in this category supports grants that will be distributed through two mechanisms for this term. Rapid Grants will be distributed through the ENS DAO small grants platform, adopting the Nouns Prop.House model. Grants may also be funded for retro-active value provided by web3 Public Goods, with Steward approval.


Bounties: $113K USD Value

Funding for projects that accomplish certain goals that will be set out in a list of available bounties. Bounties will relate to initiatives and projects for which there is a need that benefits the broader web3 community.


Gitcoin GR15 & GR16: $100K USD Value

Funding in this category relates to matching funds provided for the main Gitcoin Grants Rounds over the next six months, GR15 and GR16. This amount is not related to the funding for the ENS Ecosystem Round, which is funded by the Ecosystem Working Group.


Unallocated: $45K USD

The funds in this category are reserved for unforeseen grants and unexpected expenses for the term.



Hey @theanthonyware thank you for taking the time to write this funding proposal!

So few general comments I also left on the others.

It would make reviewing much easier if these were tables following a template rather than screenshots as currently they are rather hard to review.

How do the bounties fund work? Who can set the bounties?

Will the 100k be divided equally in matching for the main round between GR15 and GR16?

As I asked in the other funding proposals, if this $45k remains unspent will it rollover to the budget of the next quarter/period?


Hi @theanthonyware, thank you for the proposal!

Can you remind me what is the difference between Ecosystem Gitcoin grants and PG ones?
Thank you!

Go to the Public Goods tab → Q3/Q4 Budget Google Sheet


The bounties set by the Public Goods Working Group.

The goal is equally dividing for the main Gitcoin Grants rounds.

Yes they rollover.

Ecosystem grants are a specific ENS Ecosystem and details are provided each round for how to qualify for those grants during the Gitcoin rounds. The PG funding in this budget are for the main Gitcoin rounds which is the larger pool of funding.

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Thank you for all the answers. Budget looks okay. Will vote FOR.