Discuss the Meta-Governance Q3/Q4 Budget Request

This thread will host discussion on the Q3/Q4 2022 Meta-Gov Budget Request.

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The Meta-Governance Working Group is requesting funding of 632k USD equivalent for the Q3/Q4 of 2022. The budget has three categories. All figures are presented in USD equivalent.

Multisigs / Subgroups: $371k USD Value

Funding in this category is related to the two Meta-Governance subgroup multi-sigs. These have been reviewed and approved by the Meta-Gov Stewards.



Compensation: $190k USD Value

Funding in this category relates to compensation for DAO stewards and secretary.



The Working Group Rules passed in EP12 state compensation is permitted for stewards and secretary as set out in Rules 11.1 and 9.4 respectively.

Unallocated: $71k USD Value

The funds in this category are reserved for unforeseen grants and unexpected expenses for the term. Stewards will distribute unallocated funds on a discretionary basis.

Hey @coltron thanks for posting this proposal.

I have a few questions.

How many stewards are paid from this $157k? And this is for 6 months? I am trying to figure out how much is the monthly salary from this.

Do these rollover to the next quarter/period if unused?

Yes, six months. Base comp is 1,500 with varying rates for lead steward.

Edit: It does look like there is a clerical error in the spreadsheet. 157k is the total amount for both steward and secretary comp. The erroneous surplus will either be returned to the DAO or corrected on the executable.

Multisig USDC
Steward Compensation 135,000
Secretary Compensation 22,000
Total spend 157,000

Yes, absolutely


Thanks so long as it’s noted and handled it should either way be fine. Appreciate it. Will vote for this in the snapshot.