[Draft] Q3/Q4 Budget Request: Meta-Governance Working Group


The Meta-Governance Working Group is requesting funding of 632k USD equivalent for the Q3/Q4 of 2022. The budget has three categories. All figures are presented in USD equivalent.

Multisigs / Subgroups: $371k USD Value

Funding in this category is related to the two Meta-Governance subgroup multi-sigs. These have been reviewed and approved by the Meta-Gov Stewards.



Compensation: $190k USD Value

Funding in this category relates to compensation for DAO stewards and secretary.



The Working Group Rules passed in EP12 state compensation is permitted for stewards and secretary as set out in Rules 11.1 and 9.4 respectively.

Unallocated: $71k USD Value

The funds in this category are reserved for unforeseen grants and unexpected expenses for the term. Stewards will distribute unallocated funds on a discretionary basis.


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