Draft Proposal for New Snapshot for Airdrop

Blockchain and cryptocurrency as it stands provides plenty of opportunities for individual whom have access; equal opportunity to make financial moves, and leverage the current fist holdings into something exponentially more valuable. When I purchased my ENS domain, I spent the better portion of the last of what I had available to barely squeeze through the price and gas fees. How could we ever verify a persons income to validate the integrity of an unknown entity getting a discounted or retroactive airdrop? I think that’s is being a little more intrusive and personal than what anyone involved with ENS would care to get wrapped up in or hold the responsibility of doing so.


This is much better than my idea. You mean something like wordpress or many other sites that currently do this?

Can you list few incentives on both end in this idea? Like what could be benefit of ENS domain holder to provide this type of service to others and why would others want to use it?

I don’t think everyone is interested in expanding in the adoption for people in the developing world. We might have to think around some incentive structure around the same.

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This seems correct. Yes, that would make rich more richer. I didn’t took that into account at all. Maybe if we can come up with a place where we list several key ideas we want to develop around the ecosystem and then let the developers pick it up? Like a job board or task board kind of thing? The core goal would be to make ENS more popular and widely adopted and those who contribute towards that goal get rewarded for the same? The aim also will be to not burn new comers pocket either. So basically, anyone who can help ease the process of onboarding gets rewarded?


With DAO working groups being introduced, anyone from anywhere with any background will be able to see tasks and contribute. Contributions will be rewarded but there’s currently not an exact plan on how that will work.


Can we see where the discussion around that is happening? I an relatively new here so a link to it will be helpful.

The passed proposal for working groups can be found here.

It could be! @brantlymillegan has talked about someone creating a Wix type platform using web3 and ENS. He’s not doing that but threw the idea out there a couple of times. You could create the “Wix of India” to give people dapp space (yes you can host dapps/website using your ENS name, even user4509.betterthanwix.eth). Users who have subdomains could set their payment addresses and records just like a normal “top level” .eth name.

I’ve never played Decentraland, but recently I learned they have DCL.eth, and users I think in the game can “mint” username.dcl.eth. I’m not sure how it plays into game mechanics, but this is one use case for subdomains. There could be public goods built around what you are trying to accomplish for the developing world.

Some of this will be presented/formulated by the Working Groups @taytems mentioned. I think you will find a diverse set of people in the ENS community with all kinds of passions. Would love to continue to see your input and participation!


very true , i agree with your proposal


if first airdrop can get mass adoption in ens domain just imagine what if there is 2nd airdop

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Appreciate the draft proposal. I don’t support it - it would be impossible to differentiate who new users in developing countries are. I see where you’re coming from but if we take the same rationale - there were many early ENS adopters stemming from developing countries who got handsomely rewarded when the original airdrop was announced. The scale was even for everyone with respect to their own native fiat. Hope that makes sense.

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I agree that another airdrop is not warranted; otherwise, we are awarding speculators, who join in the hope of a greater financial reward down the road than their investment. Nevertheless, if we want greater participation from developing countries or wherever, then such $ENS could be awarded out of the DAO treasury under an objective criteria. First, we have a badge system that we should make use of to encourage greater participation. Second, creating a committee to periodically review those whose ENS activity clearly demonstrate a desire to be involved in ENS and be part of the discourse. In some cases, it could be qualitative activity that significantly contributes to ENS’s mission and, in some cases, meaningful quantitative contribution.


I would like to offer a thought that if you asked 10 people what ENS/ Web 3.0 might entail, one risks securing anywhere from 0-11 answers.

Admittedly, what I understand about how the mission statement(s) tie into how this thing will develop is vague. I did not know about the airdrop before claiming my domain; I thought it would be cool to get in on the domain rush.

I would venture a guess that there is an overwhelming pull for some type of remunerative gain in registering these domains, saving the bespoke " I-just-wanna-express-myself-folks".

Rewarding speculators is not a horrible idea: the notion that there is a reward for spending (a lot of) money on this network is not inherently wrong, nor does it exclude anyone for the wrong reasons.

Good intentions, but we don’t think an airdrop could be the solution :-1:

Airdrop is not a solution, take me as an example
It has been 8 months since I joined the currency circle. It took me 3 months from the establishment of awareness to the beginning of investment.
And until someone said that ENS is going to be airdropped, I didn’t know what ENS is, and then I learned about the ENS domain name.
To help people in developing countries, I agree with this proposition, but there are too many people outside of digital currencies who know nothing about cryptocurrencies and have zero awareness of ENS.
If it helps, then support them to understand the blockchain, understand the future technology, open up their horizons, and use education as a free resource to support them.
However, we all know that the establishment of professional blockchain knowledge is a complex and long-term process.
It is better to initiate a special support project to help many groups in need of help in development. This must be a very long-term, slow process.
My suggestion is that instead of airdropping, it is better to use airdropped ENS as a support for public welfare undertakings instead of dividing the value among individuals. This does not create the future.

Maybe but let me tell you and others what this project is going up against in the biggest market of this decade: India

  1. Payment system in India costs ₹0/- for transferring money up to ₹10,00,000 in one go. One can do it multiple times.

  2. UPI system (look it up) is the most sophisticated payment technology that has revolutionized the digital payment landscape of India in just 2 years. Cost of transaction: ₹0

  3. The only technology I can see at this point from Web 3 ecosystem dominating Indian Market (hence experiencing the highest growth) is Solana. No other crypto will be able to capitalize this growing market. ETH and BTC are the most sought after investment instrument in India, no doubt from that perspective.

Now, I know this, from the view point of Indian Market. I need people from other developing nations to comment their situations here so that we can have better picture. At this point, ENS might have utilities in the future but I don’t see it competing with the other ecosystem in short run. And with the speed with which the crypto landscape moves, I think we need to do something to get the flow going in short run.

Inflation of ENS tokens is the sure thing that will happen using this approach and we will find many people who will come only to earn quick bucks, but if even 10-20% stick, that will be helpful.

The data analytics is required here though to know the singularity point where the profit can become loss situation. Like how much ENS token airdrop to attract how much people along with 10% retention rate in what amount of time. Something along the lines. Any data analytic here can come up with this?

I highly suggest you come up with plans for your target demographic to be able to earn the token in return for contributing to our ecosystem rather than getting another airdrop.


What you are asking is that ENS have a two-tiered financial system: one for developed countries and one for developing countries, with the goal of obtaining greater market share. This brings politics into play as well as possible country-specific regulations that could usurp ENS’s global mission. ENS is not just a payment system, it is decentralized and desires to be much more. This doesn’t prevent the DAO from coming up with a plan that furthers its mission and helping worthy contributors from developing countries.

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I think this isn’t such a bad idea. But, not just for India but other developing countries like South America where crypto is just now becoming somewhat popular. Problem is that pitching this idea to most Americans is futile. Just look on Twitter for the arrogance of the “Early Adopters” and how they have this cult that shuns newcomers in the space. It’s elitism at its core and you’re going to run into that problem with this proposal. It’s that whole childish ‘hey, I was here first so I deserve all the rewards and newcomers don’t’ attitude that will stunt the growth of this project, NFTs and many others. I was accepting Bitcoin as payments on my website in 2015 and still had NO CLUE what ENS was till a few months ago, and I’m more involved in tech and crypto than the average person in a developing country.

So, that whole ‘hey I was here first’ logic won’t help ENS get too far. Especially when you consider that besides wallet integration, there’s literally no use case for it and the token is overvalued. It becomes increasingly hard to get new people involved in a project when the first thing they see is the comments from the ‘hey, I was here first’ cult and exposing them to that toxicity. Maybe an announced AirDrop isn’t the solution, as some people will find a way to abuse that system, but we must find a way to bring new users in, and reward them for using this service. Just my .02.

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Just because YOU knew about ENS for years doesn’t mean others have. You’re in the small percentage group that did, congrats, but 80% of the world didn’t. I started with crypto in 2015 with Bitcoin and Eth mining and just learned about ENS a few months ago. I know people who have invested and mined crypto for many years and learned what ENS was from me! So, by your logic, new users shouldn’t be rewarded for using ENS? It’s not like ENS is marketing this service outside of Twitter and social media, which many many people consider a cancer and don’t partake in. An announced AirDrop isn’t the solution, BUT, something has to be done to bring in new users. That ‘hey, look at me, I was an early adopter’ attitude only serves that elitist group of people in crypto and NFTs, it doesn’t help bring crypto and ENS into the mainstream market.

I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences :pensive:

I have the complete opposite experience. I’m from Iceland and decided to get involved later than some others, and was welcomed with open arms (and a lot of help and compassion) from ENS team members and users. I think it’s a really nice and compassionate community.

I think that ENS has tried to structure the DAO every step of the way so that there are minimal barriers to entry for those who wants to contribute, and from the discussions I’ve seen in here the idea has always been to fairly compensate those who does.