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This thread is for requesting new subgroups in the ENS Ecosystem Working Group category.

What are Subgroups?

Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors.

A subgroup might have a particular function, be focused on a specific initiative, or simply be a topic of interest. Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors.

Subgroup Lead Coordinator

When submitting a request, for a subgroup identify who you would like to be the point of contact for the subgroup.

Submit a Request

Reply to this thread with the following information in your subgroup request. Please tag the lead coordinator in your reply.

Subgroup Name:
Subgroup Lead Coordinator:
Purpose of Subgroup:
Potential Contributors (# or names):
Additional Comments:


For questions about the creation of sub-groups in the ENS Ecosystem working group category, contact the Q1/Q2 lead coordinator @slobo.eth.

This thread is for requesting new subgroups in the ENS Ecosystem Working Group category .


Hey @Premm.eth

This is a topic that should be discussed, however this thread is for requesting subgroups. If you meant to request a subgroup, we outlined a format above that the request should come through as.

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Subgroup Name: Hackathons
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: Ginge.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: To be an active participant in hackathons and help support devs in building with ENS. To create engaging content for learning development of developers. To provide support for people while building in discord and in person at hackathons. To help developers make the jump from Web2 to Web3 and offer avenues for devs to continue their projects after the hackathon has ended.
Potential Contributors (# or names): ginge.eth, makoto.eth, coltron.eth, yambo.eth, nick.eth, briano.eth


Subgroup Name: Arweave Integration
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: inplco.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: Subgroup name is self-explanatory. Introduce Arweave (AR) support to ENS in text records and contents for ENS + AR PermaWeb3 ecosystems
Potential Contributors (# or names): SpikeWatanabe.eth, nick.eth, avsa.eth, slobo.eth


Arweave is already supported under our contentash. You can add arweave support on our avatar specification ENSIP-12: Avatar Text Records - ENS Documentation but that’s more of one single task. What other activities are you planning to have the subgroup for?

I wasn’t aware that Arweave hash was already supported in content field :neutral_face: Besides that, avatar field is one, and possibly also a generative ENS avatar/pfp/glyph auto-hashed on Arweave at the time of .eth domain registration. This has already been mentioned on twitter and here on discourse in Public Goods (I think). I essentially propose to enable Arweave support for features that can have it at the moment and for any potential features that could/will have it in the future. I guess one could also merge it with another group that is already taking on back-end integration tasks. I leave that for the stewards to decide.

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Subgroup Name: Community Managed Core Tools & Services

Subgroup Lead Coordinator: sgm.eth / stevegachau.eth

Purpose of Subgroup: This SubGroup will support services, with significant community use, that complement the core ENS product
NB: This does not include integration partners. Examples include (but not limited to) @ensregistry, @ethleaderboard, @ensbidsbot,, @EnsSales, @ENSExpirations, @ensb0t, ENS Party, ENS.Tools,

Potential Contributors (# or names): gregskril.eth, aox.eth, @griffds, mts.eth, liubenben.eth, lcfr.eth, segen.eth

Additional Comments:

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Subgroup Name: Integrations Subgroup
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: @yoginth.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: To Integrate ENS username, avatar and name resolver in public open-source dApps, helping and encouraging closed source platforms to integrate ENS support on their dApps

We already shipped to 100+ dApps since December 2021

We do something cool stuff like this :rocket:

Potential Contributors: ~5 right now, I’d like to accept more applications too :hugs:
Additional Comments: Contributors need high-level technical skills and should know how ENS core works and should be very familiar with React and ethers.js.

cc @slobo.eth @Ginge.eth @bobjiang @AvsA


Subgroup Name : .eth Websites Subgroup (also posted in Public Goods WG)
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: @neiman and @Elle97
Purpose of Subgroup: We propose a subgroup to be the point of contact for the .eth websites community. This group will focus on solving the main challenges of .eth websites (see more below).
.eth websites are decentralized websites based on ENS in combination with other technologies such as IPFS, IPNS, or Skynet. You can read about it in the article “Introduction to decentralized websites”
.eth websites are a use-case of ENS, that grows rapidly. There are already over 2K websites indexed by Recently even Vitalik Buterin started to spread his publication with a .eth website,

This subgroup will aid .eth websites owners to be part of ENS DAO and will represent the point of view of .eth websites in the DAO governance. Specifically, we will focus on the following challenges for .eth websites:

  • Discoverability: how do users discover .eth websites? for example with our .eth website search engine,
  • Accessibility: tools for accessing .eth websites, such as gateway, browsers extensions, or native integration in browsers.
  • Community: grow the .eth websites community with activities such as making standards or a decentralized website of the week award we organize.
  • Exposure: promote and bring awareness to .eth websites in the web3 community.
  • Tooling: promote the creation of tools for building .eth websites. We already started doing this recently in our community with dWeb services.
  • Innovation: promote innovative use-cases of .eth websites in order to unlock the potential of the field.

What is Esteroids (=Ethereum Asteroids)? Esteroids is a project for .eth websites. We maintain a .eth Search engine for .eth websites, a .eth website bot, and recently launched community services for .eth website.
The .eth website community is active in our Discord server, where people create experiments, publish tutorials or establish collaborations. Additionally, we also organize a “decentralized website of the week award award” for .eth websites, to bring attention to the field. This proposal is made with communication with other major entities in the .eth websites ecosphere, such as gateway.
Potential Contributors (# or names): @tomlightning
Additional Comments: Our vision is of a democratic web of .eth websites, based on ENS technology. We believe that people should be members of the web and not only users. In our vision, the .eth web itself and its major platforms are managed like a DAO, by the .eth Web users.


Potential Contributors (# or names):@Chai.eth
Subgroup Name: Marketing division
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: Chai.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: Devise a subgroup to assist with specific marketing projects
Potential Contributors (# or names): Chai.eth
Additional Comments:

Dear Stewards,

Please consider the request for Development subgroup formation as per discussions on Research, Analytics & Development initiatives in ENS DAO.


Requesting Ecosystem WG for formation of Development subgroup

Scope of Work:

Development subgroup is responsible for keeping an active tab on the overall DAO ecosphere beyond the realms of ENS. This requires making sure that ENS is present at global Ethereum conferences and proactively looking out for ways to improve itself. Development subgroup is responsible for ensuring ENS’s sponsorship in Hackathons, ENS’s presence on panels, workshops and speaker lists. ENS should lead the way in how-to-DAO. Development subgroup should also seek to foster DAO2DAO relations where the principle of public goods is a common theme; there are many DAOs with the same aligning ideology as ENS, where ENS has the possibility to engrain itself in other crucial ecosystems thereby increasing its public good footprint (in conjunction with Public Goods WG).

Subgroup name:


Subgroup coordinator:

@inplco (during spin-up)


@inplco (accepting contributors)



  • NFT NYC (June 2022): Send team of 3-5 ENS DAO contributors to relevant events at NFT NYC

Funding request for Q2-2022:

  • Up to USDC 15,000 for ETHGlobal Hackathon sponsorship (more?)
  • Maximum of USDC 10,000 for travel budget of 3-5 contributors


  • Initiate partnerships with DAOs that align with ENS’s Public Good theme while also contributing actively to the ENS ecosystem
  • EthCC Paris (July 2022)
  • LisCon (Oct 2022)
  • DevCon 6 (Oct 2022)
  • etc etc

cc: @Ecosystem_Stewards


@alisha.eth I do not have write access in Ecosystem WG so a discussion is not possible in the new thread.

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