ENS marketing ideas

ENS marketing ideas brainstorming.

We have done some marketing campaigns in the past. I would welcome any improvements or new ideas.

NFT giveaways

We have done the giveaways twice. Once in partnership with makersplace, and another one with pplpleasr

I don’t think makersplace campaign was successful at all the announcement tweet only had 60 RT was required to enter the raffle.
@pplpleasr campaign was more successful. Even though the announcement tweet itself only had only had 162 retweet. It had over 2000 votes on the snapshot.

Rabbit hole

We partnered with Rabbit hole to pay gas worth of ETH (around $50) for each participant who set ENS reverse record and claimed the prize. We had a small spike the registration during the campaign

Even though gamification on onboarding is a great idea, it is quite expensive in terms of ROI.

EthGLobal hackathon sponsorship

We have been regularly sponsoring https://ethglobal.co hackathon event for $1000 prizes. With the sponsorship, we had a slot to present ENS as well as we introduce the hackathon winners in our blogpost

ENS Referrel widget

This was a complete flop as it was only 1 dapp (kickback which Makoto & Jeff develop as a side project) has been integrated.