ENS taking advantage of NFTs

I had a conversation with Makoto about how to make the most of NFTs in the space. My proposal is to collaborate with NFT platforms to airdrop an ENS related NFT to all qualifying participants.


ENS commissions an artist every X months, and chooses one platform to collaborate. E.g. Nifty Gateway, Foundation, OpenSea, MakersPlace etc… to host an ENS drop. Artist creates an ENS related NFT, an animation explainer, a fun ENS nifty like Takoyaki, or graphics. This art should be ENS related, but also good looking so people want to own it.

ENS drop is free (or low cost) and you are only eligible if you have an ENS on that address and have reverse/forward resolution setup.

In this way we get to share the exposure of each NFT platform and they get the advantage of extra coverage and clout from ENS. Because of the desire to own NFTs, we get more users for ENS just so they can collect these ENS related NFTs.


  • Use the same artist month after month and create a collection that builds over time (it may make the NFTs more valuable and participation will become more fierce)

  • Instead of commission the art, it could be a competition. This would allow more grassroot artists to get involved and generate even more art for ENS.

  • If it’s a competition, allow the grantsDAO to pick winners of the competition.

I think as a start the easiest path of least resistance is to, contact one of the NFT platforms to see if they can integrate this kind of drop on their platform. Commission a good/well known artist directly so we can take advantage of their current user base, some have a lot of followers on twitter/instagram. Announce the snapshot date so some buzz can be created and people will start to get their ENS names setup. If it works out, we can do another round, or create a competition that gets voted on by the grantsDAO and all participants (stage 2)


We should certainly partner with multiple platforms but the easy ones to get started is probably ones in l2, https://nifty.ink on xDAI and https://matic.opensea.io on Matic/Polygon as we can literarily airdrop than writing Merkle airdrop contract. Probably do a small experiment on nifty.ink (prize $100~500 is enough as they need no gas to mint NFTs) then approach to OpenSea with the experiment result.

I like this idea! I can reach out to Akomba; I expect they have a lot of contacts with artists after their ether.cards launch.

I think the only problem with that is that ENS is not on layer 2 atm, so the narrative doesn’t work as well.

Nifty.ink just reference to mainnet ENS and they so support reverse record. OpenSea on Matic probably doesn’t do that so probably not a good place to do it

Ok, I did some research on platforms which already have some support of ENS and how we could do NFT drops.

Drop methods in general

I researched various platform and afaik there isn’t a way to easily airdrop to specific users, or have Merkle airdrop specifically tailored for NFT (except POAP which is on xDAI).


  • ENS support: Reverse record on a profile page is supported (Example). No search by ENS names
  • Drop method: The Easiest is to commission an nft from ko artist via creative challenge. Then say all profiles with ens lookup on profile eligible for prize of they reply to tweet.
    Then pick x at random and gift the nft.
  • The examples = https://medium.com/knownorigin/tagged/creative-challenge



  • ENS support: Both reverse records on profile and account page by ENS name is supported (eg: https://opensea.io/accounts/matoken.eth)
  • Drop method: Probably best to do something similar to Known Origin and Makersplace. OpenSea currently has Matic version but it does not seem like it has ENS name resolutions. They also recently announced to integrate with Immutable-X which is on Starkware but don’t think it’s live yet.


  • ENS support: Reverse record on profile page and transactions is supported. No search by ENS names
  • Drop method: Because Nifty.ink is on xDAI, it’s actually possible to airdrop to as many people as we like.


  • ENS support: Forward lookup only (eg: https://app.poap.xyz/scan/matoken.eth)
  • Drop method: Because Nifty.ink is on xDAI, it’s actually possible to airdrop to as many people as we like.

Ok, here is one format I propose.

  1. Anyone can suggest their favourite artists to commission an art related to ENS by posting his/her portfolio URL which shows ENS name (eg OpenSea, KnownOrigin, and Nifty.ink are ideal but it could be just artist’s twitter URL which include their ENS name).

  2. ENS team get quotes from these artists to see if we can afford to pay the commission.

  3. Narrow down to 5~10 artists which have ENS name set and we can afford to pay

  4. Decide winning artist with https://snapshot.org voting. Only users who have ENS reverse record set can vote.

  5. Commission the work to the winning artist.

  6. Randomly pick a winner from the people who voted.

I am hoping that this will encourage all artists, platform, and people who want the NFT art to set ENS name to their addresses (maybe mint 3, ens.eth owns one, give one to the person who nominated the artist, then give away one randomly)

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  1. Winners = Get the “Rare” NFT airdrop;
  2. Everyone else w/ Reverse Resolver = Gets “Common” NFT airdrop.
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The alternative to issuing 2 kinds of NFT is to fractionise using https://www.niftex.org. This way it will be a lot easier to distribute using Merkle drop (Uniswap like claim button) while keeping the original NFT scarce. It’s similar concept to NFT collective/DAO idea PleasrDAO, $WHALE, $B20 have. Their v2 has some governance feature so I am guessing you can do some interesting governance around the NFT

Something like Astrodrop would be an option: whalerdao.github.io/astrodrop/

Perhaps we could put out a bounty for someone to customise it to add ERC1155 support and a nice UI for multiple drops?