ENS Workshop schedule and agenda

Hello all.

Here are the timeline and tentative discussion topics. The successful applicant will receive a meeting calendar for each session you selected.

Date: 5th Apr Monday UTC

Intro + Housekeeping (16:00~16:05)

Moderator: Makoto

Session1: DNS Integration (16:05~16:55)

Moderator: Brantly

  • Update from Brantly
  • Open discussion

Session2: Governance (17~17:50)

Moderator: Makoto

Session3 L2 Integration (18-18:50)

Moderator: Nick

Session4: Ecosystem show and tell (19~19:50)

Moderator: Makoto

  • Implementing EIP-1185 to Resolve .eth Domains with DNS (Mike)
  • A Name Resolver for the Distributed Web (Thibault)
  • ENS on Fleek: The Gateway Drug to the Dweb (Samuele)
  • Gnosis App ENS integration

We have possibly one more presenter.

The full detail is at ENS workshop 2021-1 show & tell projects to present

Afterparty on Discord


  • Will you publish the video or stream the event? We will record and post the video. Streaming will depend on our operational capacity.

  • Do you issue POAP token? Yes

  • I haven’t applied yet. Can I still attend? It’s case by case. We currently have over 60 applicants and try to keep the size small to make it manageable. Ping Makoto @ ens dot domains if you want to attend and add value to the discussion. If you wish to listen to the conversation, I advise you to watch videos we publish later on.

  • Can I suggest different topics to discuss? Yes (as long as it fits into the theme of each session), please add it to the comment

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