ENS Mission Statement

@Schuschereba.eth edited my post to include you and will do for anyone who chimes in.

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Thank you!

depending on the selected time slot, i’d join

I’d be up to joining. Though I’ll know for sure when the time is selected.

I’ll start reading through the resources mentioned, in the mean time.

I’m also interested to be apart of this discussion. Where will this discussion take place? In a ZOOM like call or Twitter Spaces?

Twitter spaces is most accessible. Someone suggested https://meet.jit.si

Open to suggestions.

How’s 8pm UTC (2pm central) looking for folks?


Twitter Spaces would be a good place because other folks can tune in and listen. It will also be good marketing for the ENS DAO as a whole. If we could get alisha.eth to host/moderate that would be good because she is the Community Manager of ENS.

I have started a thread in the Discord, currently under the #General channel where we can discuss timing and platform for this call. Discord might be a better place for coordination. We can come back and post details here once they are confirmed.

When we have a time, I will add this event to the ENS DAO calendar and also share it in the #events channel in Discord.


I am interested in this discussion.

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on an experimental basis, when an amount of people believes in the importance of a proposal, it may deserve a special temporary discord room.
I am not familiar with discard threads, but I guess there could be one specific to this problem (I see one about mission and twitter space, but I also see it is going to be archived after 24h of inactivity and this won’t fit).
The important is not to mix too much the discussions, and not to lose the content.

@slobo.eth and @alisha.eth - I forgot that I have some pre thanksgiving plans on nov 23rd starting at 2pm central. I can do any time earlier that day. However, don’t change the time just for me. Majority rules.

I was thinking of a slogan for ENS and this is what first came to mind: Single sign on for web3

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I’m planning to attend as well!

Thanks to @slobo.eth for making an Event Page.

Anyone that is interested in participating (or just listening) please feel free to join!