ENS Name Normalization 2nd

What about Norse / Rune languages and characters ? The scripting is beautiful and while not being very “human readable” - the letters and words do look appealing and would look pretty nice on etherscan !

For example:

ᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲᚷ.eth ?

Runic is allowed, however since it’s an excluded script, the label must be pure (and can only mix with emoji.)



Wow that link you provided on excluded scripts get pretty deep pretty fast ! Yikes :sweat_smile:

But essentially I can still go an mint Runic or other special characters and set the reverse records if desired ?

Along with cool shapes like this:


I love finding and minting these unusual ones that are so different but look so appealing on or when SIWE on various apps!

Sometimes I think having domains that aren’t so much “Human Readable, but “Human noticeable” is such a hugely overlooked area by most.

I particularly love signing in to one of my Opensea accounts using an emoji domain that I set the reverse record on a while back from this wallet -



Keep up the good work man!

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