ENS Name Normalization 2nd

I know ethers explicitly disallows null labels and also disallows trailing stop.

UTS-46 VerifyDnsLength is technically false since ENS permits arbitrary length names. When false, it also allows trailing stop (which is wrong since namehash root label is 0x0 not keccak("")).

I think it should either be:

  1. strict: require (1+)-length labels (which would deny leading/trailing/adjacent)
  2. polite: normalize away null labels: "...a....eth == a.eth"

Edit: I will change to strict and add example code for how safely collapse null labels (which may have interleaved ignoreables.)

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Checksummed addresses solve the fatfinger/copy paste problem. I try to never copy paste unchecksummed addresses to a wallet. This includes ENS names. ENS names are great for simplifying addresses many times, but you need to be aware of what you are getting into.

Wallets currently have poor ENS support, as do most UXs. Relevant info like domain to address age, transaction count, and balance are important for the times when you do give up security for convenience. It’s ok to to type in a name.eth first if you can remember the address, but you would be extra sure if you could see the domain age in the UX.

Null labels should be considered invalid.

Do you have an updated report on how many domains are affected by the new normalisation function?

Hi, I don’t want to mess with the algorithm, but I am surprised that all apostrophes maps to ’ and not to '. The second one is ASCII and is easy to type (just one button on my keyboard).

Various breakdown reports, trivial to produce some other format if needed.

For IDNA, 27 (') APOSTROPHE is disallowed and 2019 (’) RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK is valid.