ENS shirt campaign

I would like to take up putting together a t-shirt campaign. There are a few ways this can work out. There are many vendors to choose from as well as different t shirt products or even other clothing styles. ( i.e, sweatshirts, long sleeves, embroidered polo even).

I have a few designs mocked up but do not want to fully share until DAO opinion is made clear. How does everyone feel about this ?

What garment styles would you like to see? Personally I would prefer something of quality material instead of your everyday 100% cotton jersey material.

These items are to be made available to the public for purchase.

Would members of DAO be interested in an exclusive more formal style? i.e, and embroidered button up?

Garments can either be made to order or pre-order a certain amount and see how sales go and then work from there.

Again this is a temp check so all details aren’t exactly clarified.


I think this is a good idea. I would suggest t-shirts first, in a limited run, so we can gauge the demand. If demand is good, then expand the line. Perhaps creating an online ENS store.


Agreed. A limited number will also create somewhat of a dash. Maybe even limiting a certain style.

I was thinking a good selection of items made available to everyone at the same time would be: and this is just brief (general description)

Short Sleeve
Long Sleeve w/ pocket (no collar)
Zip Hoodie
Please—thoughts on a more formal garment

I assume there will be a lot of sales. Made to order will probably not be feasible for large orders. That means someone will have to be responsible for storage, shipping, handling and other logistics like communicating with those who are ordering if any issues were to arise. I’m in a position that can facilitate that. Unless someone in the DAO has a more streamlined connection or source in the industry eliminating that.

Open to all thoughts and suggestions!


More generally, I would love to see a swag store set up, with everything customisable with peoples’ ENS names. I know the EF swag store used to use Printful for this.

In general I’d vote for using a fulfillment company such as Printful rather than trying to stock and ship things ourselves.


I am really glad someone brought this up. I am going to the French Open Finals June 4-5 this summer and have a set of 4 premium box seats in the front right behind the players. I was contemplating dressing up in full body ENS suit + Swag ENS hat :love_you_gesture::grin:


Inb4 ENS Full Swag Collection drop. I have ordered myself a design for testing; will update when it arrives :star_struck:


i like the customization idea. i will look into your recommendation. the only thought i have on that would be—i assume most screen printers aren’t going to be interested in doing potentially thousand of custom orders.

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on that note— wen invite lol :joy:

Closer to the event :wink:


Printful and some others are set up to do customisation on each item. They generally print on demand rather than holding stock anyway, so it makes no difference to them if each item is different.


I love the t-shirt idea and swag shop. I wanted to print t-shirts and stickers to pass out while onboarding at events irl. Looking at the Gitcoin store today, maybe someone can design a few ideas to get started like inplco shirts or something somewhat official. Also a shirt in regards to funding public goods, I thought that was a positive message worth wearing. I also have no art talent. The best I came up with was printing a t-shirt with the support mods pfp’s to pass out! (LOL not without their permission, but I did look at making some with mine on Printful) I would also like to print stickers that look like the new preview.ens.domains profile, maybe later when possible, attach a QR code to “1yr’s registration” like the gift card idea from nick.eth and AvsA’s post. Giving away free subdomains also comes to mind. Thanks.

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+1 for Printful or Printify. They do worldwide fulfillment, which is a necessity since we’re distributed. It looks like Printful will integrate with a Shopify store front too. Would we want TNL to build this out on a shop.ens.domains subdomain?

@yodaone.eth I’d like to see a mix of on-brand ENS shirts alongside one or two community designs from a contest… It would also be nice to have some shirts with DAO or Team Roles so that anyone attending an event could identify themselves as such if they wanted to. These could be be protected by one-time use codes.

We should be able to get stickers through Printful as well.


Happy to have it on such a domain - but I’d love to see someone from the DAO pick it up as a project!


I would like to see these on a t-shirt (changed image because my wife didn’t like the vaping :rofl:);



I’d like to get this rolling. This might need it’s own post, but let’s set-up a merch store. Posting some quick thoughts below on what we will need to make this happen.


  • Identify dedicated contributor with Shopify experience to set-up e-commerce store.
  • Verify Printful capabilities for our shipping needs.
  • Research following estimated costs for budget proposal.
    • Printful Annual Cost for needed store size.
    • Shopify Annual Cost w/needed plugins.
    • Any additional hosting costs for shop.ens.domains.
    • Cost to pay contributor for one-time store set up and monthly upkeep if needed.

Product Goals


  • Identify branding/logo to use.
  • 2-3 Shirt designs to start.
    • Short-Sleeve Unisex
    • Short Sleeve Women’s Cut
    • Hoody or Zip-Zip
  • 1-2 Common swag items such as Coffee Mug or Stickers


  • Add community inspired designs.
  • Sell ENS Constitution Book (if possible via Shopify).

Nice to Haves

  • Password or codeword protected items for team merch. See mockups for merch with role-specific printing.


Possible Shirt Mockups



I can get you the asset so you can print it wherever you want.


I ordered my own custom version that I posted before and I love it


Nice! I need to mess with Prinful/printify to verify the capabilities and look for lessons learned to avoid design mistakes with their DTG process.

Might be wise to keep it simple while working out the kinks, but customization will be looked into.

For a long-term goal, having a locked logo with the addition of a customizable print area for ENS names (or pfp) would be a nice feature to have. Finding a way to get everyone’s ENS name on their shirt would be awesome and useful at events.

My concerns with this would be to preserve uniformity. Especially with the fonts and colors matching branding. The legacy ENS shirts I’ve seen had the centered, jumbo logo too low and even that bothers me.

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A little bit of OCD goes a long way in ensuring uniformity


I also think the centered logo needs to be sized right. In inplco’s version the logo seems too big, addition to being too low.