ENS workshop 2021-1 show & tell projects to present

We are going to organise another ENS workshop and looking for 2~5 projects which make heavy use of ENS protocol to present.

If you are interested, please post your project here with the following information.

  • Title:
  • URL:
  • Description:
  • Which part of ENS protocol does your project make use of?

Title: badass.domains
URL: https://badass.domains
Description: We used a fork of ENS to create the first every truly decentralize 2nd-level domains anchored in a decentralized root zone (Handshake).
We forked the ENS contracts and also deployed a fork of ens-app on https://badass.domains


Hey @mikec, thanks for the proposal. I’d prefer we kept the presentations on things directly related to ENS proper (the main ENS deployment). You mentioned previously to me that you’re working on adding support for the DNS records already in the Public Resolver into your fork of the Manager, and that you’d offer that as a PR to the main Manager, as well have support in a plug-in. Could your presentation focus more on those things?

@mikec btw, please make sure to fill in the application form which you can find in our medium post so that you get the event info.

yes, sure! I would be happy to share our work on EIP-1185

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Let me know the new title and description if it’s change of the topic

Title: Implementing EIP-1185 to Resolve .eth Domains with DNS
URL: https://github.com/imperviousinc/handover
Description: We have created a plugin for the first resolvable .eth / ENS domains via DNS. Using our software, you can access DNS capabilities for ENS domains from any browser or operating system.


Title: A Name Resolver for the Distributed Web
URL: https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-distributed-web-resolver/
Description: Going over how we developed an ENS resolver at Cloudflare Edge, with the help of the ENS team. The service is powering eth.link, providing a convenient access to ethereum names in browsers.


Title: ENS on Fleek: The Gateway Drug to the Dweb

URL: https://fleek.co

Description: We show how Fleek can help you integrate with ENS in a simple manner. Furthermore, we will dive deeper in the Fleek implementation and discuss how high Ethereum TX fees negatively impact the feature and the friction-less-for-users solution we will implement.

Which part of ENS protocol does your project make use of? The layer 1 mainnet contracts and contentHash with IPFS/IPNS

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Title: Esteroids: dWebsites explorer on steroids

URL: TBD (Esteroid will be released shortly before the ENS workshop)

Description: Esteroids is a new explorer for ENS+IPFS websites. Esteroids helps users discover what the young ENS+IPFS has to offer. Which websites are new? Which were recently updated? Which are popular? What categories exist?

During the creation of Esteroids we scrapped and analyzed ENS data from the Ethereum blockchain. In this talk, we present both the Esteroids website (for the first time!), and some results of analyzing ENS data.

Title: Alpress Self-Governing Publication Platform

URL: https://alpress.teth (requires our plugin to be resolved)
Alternative (IPFS Gateway): https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmejynSGBf41yfMQMUhp86nLmPH2uiyZ1CCx4afqFVXSad/#/

Description: Alpress is a self-governing decentralized platform for publishing articles.

Alpress looks and feels like a classical Internet platform, but in practice, it is owned, governed, and operated by its own users. The platform is made with a combination of ENS, IPFS, and DAO technologies.

We use ENS as an identity in the platform, each user has it’s own unique account id, which becomes subdomain under alpress.eth (mdt.alpress.eth). Thus make ENS names both an url for personal profiles and an identity to control the platform.