.ETH country code tld

In a recent tweet, Brantly mentioned that 3-letter ccTLDs are planned to never be used.

I was wondering whether this was made public by ICANN since the closest I could find was this At-Large Committee 2015 comment that states:

  • there’s agreement that all 3-letter TLDs shouldn’t be reserved solely for ccTLDs
  • there’s a split as to whether ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes should be reseved for ccTLDs
  • there’s very strong agreement for a full evaluation to be done before more gTLD expansion

So doesn’t seem like a decision has been made by ICANN yet?

Also, since securing rights to the .ETH tld is important to prevent future collisions, is there an ENS working group that needs help with this? Looks like there are efforts underway but maybe someone in the community has connections to ICANN or Ethiopia that can speed this along?

hey @brantlymillegan, is there anything you can share about this?

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Maybe it’s about time things got shook up a bit.
Maybe, ENS finds itself in the frontline.

I read through the tweet thread and it was pretty informative. Can’t believe other organizations are selling domains which people “actually” don’t really own.

Would be cool to hear any updates on this from the .eth side.

Hey, I think this was concluded by a Working Group of ICANN (GNSO) early this year. The final report is published here: Final Report on the new gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process – see Annex J.

I think the critical part is:

Strings resulting from permutations and transpositions of alpha-3 codes
listed in the ISO 3166-1 standard are available for delegation, unless the
strings resulting from permutations and transpositions are themselves on
that list.

So I believe the tweet is correct, and .ETH is no longer specifically set aside for Ethiopia.

Hope that helps.

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It seems to me that says the opposite; “the” would not be reserved, but “eth” would be because it’s on the list.


Actually reading it again fresh, that is what the Working Group suggested (that it should be reserved - as your message @nick.eth ).

I checked that WG subpage specifically on 3-letter ISO and it ended in 2017 without arriving at a conclusion, was folded into WG5 (authors of the final report above). So actually, doesn’t appear this reached a firm conclusion yet.

I would think then that .ETH is assigned to Ethiopia as mentioned in the OP, but unless the WG proposal is formally adopted (it hasn’t been that I can see, I skimmed all the ICNAN board minutes since Jan 2021), it could be delegated by Ethiopia to the ENS DAO (or someone else).