Suggestion: Submit .ens TLD application to ICANN

As far as I know, .et is the TLD of Ethiopia, and .eth may be confused with .et, so ENS DAO could not apply .eth as a TLD.

How about submitting .ens TLD application to ICANN?

If ENS DAO owns .ens TLD, ENS user can set traditional DNS information on-chain, such as IP . On-chain traditional DNS information could be synchronized to traditional DNS service by an off-chain service.

For example: The admin of can set the A Name of to The website can be opened on any browser.


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This is a interesting suggestion, I support this in some extent. But before that, I want to say:

This is not accurate. I believe ENSDAO still have the opportunity to be the operator of the .eth tld. We can find it from @lucemans 's tweet:

And .eth is absolutely the first option for now, because the difference between .eth and .ens is much bigger than the difference between .ens and any other tld that is available.