Ethereum Conferences: ETHGlobal, DevConnect & EthCC 5

This is a general purpose thread for three upcoming Ethereum ecosystem events in Europe ( :star_struck:)

DevConnect: April 18 – 25 in Amsterdam including Schelling Point

EthCC 5: July 19-21 in Paris (tickets have unfortunately run out unless you are a student or willing to volunteer tickets are being released in batches; next batches on 6 April, 30 April, 31 May; price $340 USDC)

If anyone is planning to join these events in any capacity, please feel free to share at your discretion to connect in person.


I have

for DevConnect April 18-25:

a) pre-registered for the two-day Global Governance Gathering hosted by DAOist April 18-19
b) going to ETHGlobal Hackathon April 22-24 (plan)
c) not sure what to attend on April 20-21 since there are way too many options
d) going to CASA gathering on April 25 (hosted partly by Spruce) (@rocco, @wayne [?])

for EthCC5 July 19-21:

a) applied as a Speaker; waiting to hear back

@Limes bringing this into your loop just in case you haven’t!


Thanks! ETHGlobal in Amsterdam is definitely on our radar :eyes:


My application is accepted to ETHGlobal Amsterdam Hackathon

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ENSIP 10 team? :grin: Anyone?

I’ll be hacking this during DevConnect at the ETHGlobal hackathon.

@Limes did the radar hone in on anything yet? :slight_smile: