Gasless Voting is Live for ENS

Gasless Voting for ENS is Live on Tally!

On Tally, ENS tokenholders can now vote in ENS DAO for free! We’re happy to announce that we’ve enabled gasless voting via our Relayer service for ENS as of April 4, 2024.

The parameters for gasless voting in the ENS DAO:

  • Wallet must have ENS name registered as the wallet’s primary name
  • Wallet must have at least 100 ENS in delegated voting power
  • 8 votes per wallet (budgeting for 8 proposals, including the 2 live on Tally, in the next 12 months). We can re-up in Q2 2025, or if there are an unexpectedly large number of proposals later this year.

More about Gasless Voting

Voting has become unaffordable for many delegates of DAOs on Ethereum L1. Tally provides the infrastructure for DAOs to fund a budget for gasless voting and execute voting transactions via a relayer service.

To learn more about how relay works and why it’s important, see Tally’s docs.

As always, we’re available for questions in the Tally Discord!


This is great. I love to see the the gasless voting!


Thank you :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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