GG20: ENS Identity Round Conclusion!


  • The GG20 ENS Identity Round has come to a close and the matching payment has been made!
  • We utilized Gitcoin’s Connection-oriented cluster-matching (COCM) to distribute $125k USDC to the participating projects of the ENS Identity Round. The matching results are here
  • The top 5 projects receiving funding from the round are Onthis,, Fluidkey, Brianknowsai, and Webhash
  • Big thank you to Gitcoin, ThankARB, and everyone who donated for making this community builder support possible

ENS x Gitcoin

This was ENS’s fifth time supporting builders via Gitcoin, and the largest amount of matching to date! Over the years of using Gitcoin, we’ve seen it grow off of mainnet and on to L2s and into a set of permissionless contracts instead of a centralized solution.

Key Metrics:

$125,000 Matching Pool
$15,680 Crowdfunded
9,652 Contributions
7,576 Unique Contributors
38 Participating Projects

For project specific metrics, you can search on

:bulb: Project Spotlight

The top 5 projects from the round as designated by COCM:

  1. OnThis is a no-code tool for building onchain
  2. With FluidKey you can receive and manage funds onchain without publicly linking them to you
  3. is a privacy-preserving ENS gateway, enabling users to access Ethereum-native dApps and content
  4. Brianknowsai allows you to perform transactions (like registering ENS names), research web3 info and data, and deploy smart contracts with a simple prompt
  5. Webhash enables easy creation of decentralized websites using .eth domains

The Matching Calculator

The Gitcoin Passport Model Based Detection System analysis page can be seen here. You can read more about COCM and how it works here.

Thank you!


Thank you to Gitcoin for providing a platform for running an initiative like this. It is truly a unique and novel experience and we beleive pushes the space forward in a great way. The Gitcoin team was incredibly helpful in marketing, support, and troubleshooting.

Additionally, thank you to the GG20 Community Council for selecting the ENS identity round as a community round to receive an additional 25k USDC in matching!


Thank you to SpruceID for providing 70k USDC in funding for this round. With the fudning provided from the Community Server program, we were able to initiate talks for the additional funding from Gitcoin and ThankARB, so it was really SpruceID who spawned the round!


Thank you to ThankARB for their additional support in the round. They provided an additional 25k USDC in funding. ThankARB looks to bring the best builders to Arbitrum by providing funding to the most impactful projects and it’s great to have them contribute to ENS.


Thank you to everyone who donated! Gitcoin highlights the desires of the people and by donating you are signaling support for the projects you know and love, quadratic funding isn’t possible without you!