Gitcoin Grants Round 20: ENS Identity

ENS Identity:
The ENS Ecosystem Working Group is participating in Gitcoin Grants Round 20 with a matching pool of $100k! In this round, we are excited to partner with SpruceID and Gitcoin after being selected by the Community Council as a GG20 Community sponsored round (Gitcoin Application).

GG20 ENS Identity Announcement

Quadratic Funding:
If you’re unfamiliar with what quadratic funding is, it’s a means of distributing funds based on community input. The matching funds a project receives takes into consideration the number of donors to a project, not just the total dollar amount it gets, and pays out the matching pool to add on top of the community donations. Read more about it here.

Applications: April 2nd @ 12:00 UTC - April 16th @ 23:59 UTC
Donations: April 23rd @ 12:00 UTC - May 7th @ 23:59 UTC
Review and Sybil Check: May 8th - May 27th
Matching Payouts: Before May 28 @ 23:59 UTC


The GG20 ENS Identity Round round is meant to support projects actively building on top of ENS. Any project that is growing, enhancing, or supporting the decentralized identity system around ENS is eligible.



The Round is now live for donations! Visit the Gitcoin site here.