Heads up — Steward Elections for Term 2 of 2023

Steward Elections for Term 2 2023

Just a heads up — steward elections for the Term 2 of 2023 begin at 9am UTC on June 10.

The rules for Steward elections are set out in rules 4 and 5 of the Working Group Rules.

There will be a three day nomination window, followed by a five day election window.

Nominations open: 9am UTC on June 6
Nominations close: 9am UTC on June 9

Election begins: 9am UTC on June 10
Election ends: 9am UTC on June 15

More details about the nomination and election process will be posted in the forum with a ‘Call for Nominees’ prior to the start of the nomination window.

Three stewards will be elected for each of working group. The vote will use approval voting. Delegates will be asked to vote for each candidate that they approve of for the role of steward.

If you’re thinking about running, now is the time to start reaching out to delegates to gain support.