Heads Up: Steward Elections for the Second Term of 2022

This post doesn’t require any immediate action from anyone. It is simply a ‘heads up’ for community members who are thinking about running in the Steward elections for the Second Term of 2022.

For the Second Term, four Stewards in each working group will be elected through Steward Elections and one steward in each working group will be appointed by TNL (True Names Limited).

Steward elections for the Second Term begin at 9am UTC on June 10 and will be open for 120 hours (five days).

If you would like to nominate yourself, the Nomination Window opens at 9am UTC on June 6 and closes at 9am UTC on June 9.

Incoming Stewards will take up their roles within Working Groups at 9am UTC on July 1.

Important Dates

June 6: Nomination window opens
June 9: Nomination window closes
June 10: Steward election commences
June 15: Steward election ends
July 1: Term 2 starts


Damn, this throws a wrench in the Analytics & Research subWG’s plans to have health cards before the elections. I guess I’ll have to work on turbo mode.

Maybe we should start trying to get the word out about this. I’m a little bit concerned that there will hardly be any participation. My proposal to literally give money away barely broke ten votes.

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Hi @alisha.eth,

What does the role of ENS Steward actually entail?

Is there is a link you could share for potential Stewards to read and understand what might be required of them?

Many thanks

Here is the original proposal that formed the working groups, and also explains the role of stewards: [EP4] [Social] Proposal: Creation of Foundational Working Groups and Working Group Rules

And here is more information on how the nomination process works: How it will work: Steward nominations

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Hi @alisha.eth. I have some questions. Who is organising the elections? I would have imagined that Meta-Governance WG will be doing it for Q3/4. Is it TNL? How were the dates decided? Thanks!

All of the dates and details are set out in EP4. Nick.eth puts up the Snapshot votes for the elections.

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Thanks! This makes sense.

Would it be possible for each Working Group to prepare a “retrospective” on the previous term before these elections? I’m interested in hearing about what was done, what initiatives are still in progress, what went well, what could be improved upon, and anything else learned from this past term, from each of the respective groups.


Analytics & Research subWG will prepare a report on DAO Governance by end of June. It will cover some overlapping subjects with other WGs (especially Ecosystem WG) but it is not intended to be DAO wide (only Governance related). It is indeed a good idea if each WG gives a retrospective of their work.


Yes, this is great timing for such a request! I was just in the process of coordinating a Town Hall with stewards. Please see the post below for more details.


Thanks for sharing this update!

Thanks for the heads up Alisha. I’ve added these dates to the ENS Calendar embedded below. Everyone is welcome to subscribe to this calendar to keep up to date on events happening within the DAO.