How To Import existing DNS entry

Hey folks,
Did a bit of searching but haven’t figured out how to bring my dot-ac domain into ENS? Does this require enablement by the registry or can I do it myself via DNS config of my domain?

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I was able to get afl-cio.eth as a domain name in; it was pretty much straight forward.


Look at this guide made by @brantly.eth:


Thanks for that @victorstark

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Hi @RamAm70! If you still have questions after reading through the post @victorstark shared, can you please open a support ticket in Discord and our support team can help you.

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Open a private support ticket in the #create-a-ticket channel

I followed brantly.eth’s guide posted by @victorstark right until the final step where it demanded 0.5 ETH in gas fees. I stopped there and quit. Probably worth a mention that I tried this on NameCheap Custom DNS instead of Google Domains (as Brantly’s tutorial shows). It was a little more complex I must admit. I am guessing non-standard hosting services will have weirder DNS setups and UIs. I think there is plenty of room for optimisation here. I created a topic about this couple of months ago: DNS domain claim fees