Instructions: Add ENS Token Type to MetaMask Wallet

I see lots of posts here an in discord about people doing the claim and the tokens not showing up in their wallet. Some of this might be due to the fact that right now MM doesn’t show the $ENS token by default. But it is likely in your wallet.

All of your Ether and tokens (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1151) are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, not in your wallet software. That means that it doesn’t really matter what your wallet says. It matters what the Ethereum blockchain says.

You can check what the blockchain says. Check my other post on this.

I have mixed feelings about how to provide this next bit of information. What you need is the contract address for the ENS token. I can’t seem to find an official post that I would trust beyond a few posts in discord. I know enough to use those links and figure out for sure if they are correct. Not everyone does. I’ve asked them for an official post, RT if you like.

Given I can’t find an official post on the contract address and I don’t think messages in discord are any better than me just posting it here, I’m going to post it. I will edit this post later if they give an official post. WARNING, I COULD BE TRYING TO SCAM YOU, PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS (IF THERE ARE ANY) AS SOME SORT OF VALIDATION THAT I HAVE POSTED THE CORRECT CONTRACT ADDRESS. DO NOT TRUST ME.

I want to stress how important using the correct address is and how easy it is to get the wrong one. While typing this I searched through the discord and the first two I picked were actually the wrong ones. I ended up just getting the address through etherscan by looking at the tokens in my wallet.

Open MM and click on the “Assets” tab at the bottom. Click “Import Tokens”, then the “Custom Token” tab.

Paste in just the contract address: 0xC18360217D8F7Ab5e7c516566761Ea12Ce7F9D72 and MM will auto fill the other fields based on data in the contract. Click the “Add Custom Token” button and you are done. Now they will show up in your assets.

I hope this helps. I’ll close this out with… I’m here to help. I’ll try my best. I do not represent the ENS Foundation. I am a ENS hodler and delegate.


Never give your private keys, seed phrase, or screen share with anyone saying they are helping you.

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