Issues in Etherscan CCIP-read/wildcard implementation

I couldn’t find official announcement from etherscan/twitter about ccip-read & wildcard support… Looks like they introduced wildcard & offchain resolver support recently but it’s not working properly.

  1. domain vs subdomain
    etherscan only works for subdomains using ccip-read/wildcard, sub.domain.tld/eth works ok but domain.tld/eth using DNSSEC/ccip-read fails to load offchain records. :white_check_mark: :x:

  2. addr(node) vs addr(node, 60) for eth address
    I think etherscan is using addr(node, 60) for eth address so it fails to load address if it’s is set as addr(node) in offchain resolver. ENSIP/docs should be more clear about addr(node) vs. addr(node, 60) as default eth addr in ccip/wildcard context.

ref for similar issues…

Looks like Etherscan fixed it… whoever did that, pls ack on forum :rofl: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

Still 2nd issue of using addr(node) vs addr(node, 60) is still there… Pls use addr(node) as fallback if addr(node, 60) is not implemented/bad data case. OR ENS should make addr(node, 60) as default for ccip-read/wildcards.