What is this LikeButton.eth Project? Looking at it on etherscan, it seems that it was generated from within the members of the DAO.


A little while ago ENSPunks.eth put this temp check post into the forum:
Temp Check: Decentralized “Like Button” for ENS

That’s where it started.

Did you find some :heart:s out in the wild somewhere?


I must have missed this :thinking:

yeah i saw it on-chain awhile back.

I suppose I could have searched this on forum lol

Research skills: - 2 points

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Since this was posted, here is a quick update.

Most importantly I connected with @deepnode.eth and sent 100❤️.

I got a bot up on Twitter posting the transfers of :heart:

Special thanks to @BrianMillsJr.Eth for introducing me to some new tools I got to experiment with for multi-wallet transfers and also @berrios.eth for embracing the idea and sharing the :heart:.

Anyone in the Forum/DAO I might have overlook feel free to reach out and I’ll send some :heart:.