Minutes for Meta-Gov Meeting, December 6th @ 8PM GMT


A) General DAO/Meta-Governance
B) Election Announcements
C) Endowment & Treasury Management
D) Reserved for DAO-Tooling Updates
E) Reserved for Open Discussion

Meeting Link: meet.google.com/sgh-tjju-wxc
Meta-Gov Stewards: @nick.eth @simona_pop @Coltron.eth

Call Minutes

Attendees: 184.eth, Andra Nicolau, Anthony Ware, Chase Chapman, coltron.eth, Dan Wu, daylon.eth, Fireflies.ai, gregskril.eth, Julia Rosenberg, Marcus Martinez, Micha Alcorn, nick.eth, Peter Gray, santinomics, spikewatanabe.eth, yambo.eth

A) General DAO/Meta-Governance

These are general updates on DAO Current events.

Public Goods Scholarship
This scholarship program will sponsor six recipients to receive 1E for 2023 to promote the building of Public Goods.

  • Nominations close today at 9 pm EST.
  • Voting beings on Thursday, December 8th.
    • Voting will use the ENS Small Grants platform.
  • See the Announcement.

B) Election Announcements

The year is coming to a close, with this steward elections season is now upon us. The election cycle for Term 1 of 2023 starts today.


To submit your nomination, navigate to the working group nomination page for which you wish to be eligible. The nomination pages for each working group are listed below:

Election Timeline

Election Phase Date
Nominations Begin December 6th @ 9am UTC
Nominations End December 9th @ 9am UTC
Voting Starts December 10th @ 9am UTC

The newly elected stewards will assume roles on January 1st at 9 am UTC.

C) Endowment & Treasury Management

The Meta-Gov stewards are working with Karpatkey on establishing an initial fund allocation and strategy. Karpatkey will engage the community by posting a summary of the most recent draft for comments.

D) Reserved for DAO-Tooling Updates

Metropolis Podarchy

The Metropolis team presented their podarchy structure for the ENS DAO.

Visit pod.xyz/podarchy/ensdao to view an interactive visual representation of the ENS DAO multi-sig structure. The Metropolis will be requesting community feedback on their podarchy and podarchy lenses on the forum.

E) Reserved for Open Discussion

  • Peter from Origin Protocol will reach out to Karkpatkey on potential collaboration.