Minutes for Meta-Gov Meeting, September 19th, 2022 @ 7pm GMT

Meta-Gov Meeting, September 19th, 2022

Attendees: alisha.eth, hellenstans.eth, yambo.eth, maintainer.eth, zadok7.eth, ryan holloway, joel miyazawa, nick.eth, coltron.eth, defi dude, daylon.eth, ensdaonews.eth,

Call Minutes

A) General DAO announcements

  • GR 15 Update.
    • Over 100 projects have been submitted.
    • The round closes on September 22 at 11:59 pm UTC.
    • Reminder: Keep your profile up to date after the round closes. Even though the matching round closes, you can still receive contributions

B) Updates on existing Meta-Gov projects (Endaoment, Small Grants)

  • ENS Small Grants is currently live at ensgrants.xyz
    • Small Grants submissions are open until September 23 at 6 pm GMT.
    • Voting begins at 11:59 pm GMT 09/23 with the approval voting strategy.
    • Please provide UI/UX feedback or any bugs to @gregskril or @coltron.eth
  • ENS Endaoment
    • Submission period ends October 10.
    • Approval Period is October 10 through November 7.
    • Metagov stewards will hold an open call on Wednesday, September 28 at 5 pm EST to provide an open forum to field any additional questions to the public.

C) Reserved for open discussion or items not yet listed

  • Messari Governor
    • ENS now has Messari Governor page
    • Messari Governer helps aggregate all DAO Governance signals in one place without focusing on quantitative data.
    • Please reach out to Ryan or Joel on telegram with feedback or suggestions.