ENS DAO Newsletter #15 - 10/01/2022

ENS DAO Newsletter #15 - 10/01/2022

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:globe_with_meridians: DAO-wide Developments

:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

Note: There are no open proposals this news cycle.

:green_heart: Gitcoin Grants Round 15

The quarterly grants matching round has come to an end. The Public Goods Working Group contributed $50k in the main round, and another $50k in the advocacy round. The PG Working Group will continue to observe how funded projects have made an impact throughout the ENS DAO Ecosystem.

If you have submitted a project to GR15, please keep an eye out for an email from Gitcoin. Funding recipients verification may take up to 2 weeks. Matching funds will be distributed during the first half of October.

:coin: Coinbase Integration

ENS.eth formally announced its partnership with ENS DAO Delegate, Coinbase (coinbase.eth). This partnership enhances the Protocol’s mission of global adoption by allowing anyone with Coinbase Wallet account to create a free-to-claim Web3 username. Existing ENS Names can connect to the integration as well to seamlessly transact and build out a Web3 digital identity.

:moneybag: ENS Small Grants

Voting for the second round of ENS Small Grants has come to a close with over 30 projects in each round. Winning projects will receive a disbursement of 1 ETH. Please stay tuned to upcoming weekly Working Group calls for more information on when those funds will be disbursed.

We would like to thank all participants, grantees and voters. The ENS DAO Newsletter was voted among the top five Ecosystem grants and will receive a small grant of 1 ETH to fund our continued operations. Thank you so much!

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Name Wrapper Update

The much-anticipated Name Wrapper contract is now live on Goerli Test Network. The Name Wrapper is set to become a huge unlock for the greater ENS Ecosystem and will facilitate much more extensive building with ENS subdomains.

:colombia: Devcon Bogotá

ENS DAO will have a presence at this year’s Devcon in Bogotá, the city capital of Colombia. Attendants can receive custom ENS IYK cards which come with a POAP (supplies are limited!) . Pre-registration is required and you must pick up your card at the Devcon ENS Booth.

Register here: https://swag.ens.domains/

:earth_americas: ENS Global Learn Docs Translation

The Learn Docs intend to bring everything into a single repository that is able to expand as a knowledge base over time. They will go a long way in becoming the go-to resource for onboarding new users to ENS, troubleshooting, and building context around web3 and blockchain tech.

@Coltron.eth & estmcmxci.eth are hosting bi-weekly ENS Global calls to continue workshoping the translation initiative. We have onboarded the following contributors:

Portuguese Team

  • leticiaferraz.eth
  • oddfather.eth

Spanish Team

  • estmcmxci.eth
  • Fabio Anaya

We will be onboarding new contributors for Hindi and Russian soon. Our next Onboarding call will take place on October 19th.

:cd: ENS DAO Music Web3 Playlists

estmcmxci.eth is currently seeking playlist curators for a community-led playlisting group. The playlists will be hosted on Ooh La La, a music web3 streaming aggregator. Slide into their dm on Telegram if you want to plug in.

:newspaper: DAO Newswire

Do you have a hot tip? An ecosystem project that deserves attention? Or just want to shill the next domain trend to us? We’ve opened up a public newswire for just that. Send us your best stories and we’ll put a spotlight on those that we believe will have the greatest impact to ENS Ecosystem sustainability and development.

Submit your story now.

:memo: Ecosystem Updates

Grants have been awarded to Ecosystem projects. These projects are built with the purpose of facilitating the sustainability and adoption of the ENS Protocol and its Ecosystem overall. Funding is dispersed from the Ecosystem Working Group after considerable deliberation from the Working Group Stewards.

Generic NFT Controller / Resolver by hodl.esf.eth

The generic ENS mapper contract will allow NFT projects to easily allow their communities to claim subdomains that dynamically link to NFTs. This concept is based around a custom controller contract I wrote last year for Purrnelopes Country Club, this has over 800 subdomains currently registered.

A grant of 20,000 USDC and 250 $ENS has been approved for Generic NFT Controller/Resolver. This project is an excellent example of the type of project the ecosystem is proud to support. The project not only adds utility, but also broadens ENS’s reach. This is the first major project to utilize the name wrapper. The open source nature of the code will allow others to learn and expand its capabilities.

Optinames by stevegachau.eth

Optinames are tradable and transferable sub-domains wrapped as ERC721s & fully integrated with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). They can be resolved on L1 Ethereum by utilizing an off-chain resolver. Register a free ENS Subdomain on Optimism L2 and use it everywhere including L1 Ethereum.

A grant of 8,000 USDC has been approved for stevegachau.eth. Steve continues to build and improve the ecosystem. The projects outlined above are used daily by a variety of people across the ecosystem. We are happy to provide this grant retroactively for all that has been accomplished so far. We are looking forward to Steve’s future contributions.


Planet is a native macOS app for building and hosting decentralized websites on IPFS + ENS. You can use it to follow the updates from other ENS websites too. Content is hosted with a local IPFS node, so cloud is not required.

Stewards are currently considering providing a grant to this Ecosystem project.

:newspaper: Working Group News

:balance_scale: Meta-Governance

The Meta-Gov Working Group hosted meetings on September 19th and 26th, 2022 at 7PM UTC.

The meeting minutes are linked below:

:hatching_chick: ENS Endaoment

The Meta-Gov Stewards held a DAO-wide forum to discuss the ENS DAO’s endowment fund. The fund manager is responsible for ensuring the sustainability of protocol development indefinitely. The fund focuses on investing for the long-term, while minimizing the risk of substantial short-term losses.

Nick.eth originally proposed the idea on March 29, 2022, and later formally posted on the forum on August 18th, for DAO-wide consideration. Finally, on September 8th the RFP was put up for a Snapshot vote which successfully passed on the 13th.

The Meta-Governance Stewards are currently fielding proposals. The submission deadline is October 10th. You may submit your proposal by sending a direct message to any Meta-Governance Steward on the ENS DAO Forum.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Ecosystem

The Ecosystem Working Group hosted meetings on September 19th and 26th, 2022 at 6PM UTC.

The meeting minutes are linked below:

:colombia: Devcon Bogotá

ENS DAO will host a Happy Hour at the Grand Hyatt’s Restaurante Capitalino on October 13th from 5-8PM local time. An RSVP is required.

H/t leticiaferraz.eth for the flyer design.

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Name Wrapper

Jefflau.eth, Frontend & Solidity developer at True Names Limited announced the NameWrapper Goerli testnet launch on September 20th, 2022. The launch demonstrates a success for TNL, after over a year of research, two audits and multiple iterations on its smart contract architecture.

The NameWrapper infuses all ENS names with the ERC721 & ERC1155 token standards, provably trustless subdomain ownership, and the ability to relinquish control over subdomains which opens a wide range of trustless subdomain applications.

:white_check_mark: Public Goods

The Public Goods Working Group hosted meetings on September 20th and 27th, 2022 at 6PM UTC.

The meeting minutes are linked below:

:moneybag: ENS Grants

ensgrants.xyz hosted their second grants round. Voting ended on September 30th @ 11:59 GMT. There were approximately 30 projects in each round this month, with the top 5 projects receiving 1 ETH in each round.

The voting strategy is Approval Voting with ERC-20, with Override (developed by @serenae.eth). This implementation allows ENS holders to vote on multiple projects individually, even if they have delegated their votes.

:globe_with_meridians: DAO2DAO

Be sure to follow the ENS DAO Twitter so you don’t miss any future community spotlights.

:handshake: Get Involved

ENS Stats - September 2022

  • 437k new .eth registrations (total 2.6m names)
  • $5.5m in protocol revenue (all goes to the DAO)
  • 35k new eth accounts w/ at least 1 ENS name (total 572k)
  • 1,431 DWeb content records set (total 14,393)
  • 97% of OpenSea domain volume

:lock: Security Tip

Never download or run executable files because a stranger told you to.

A recent scam involves sending the victim a direct message on social media, claiming to offer payment for a “review” of an up-and-coming NFT game. The account and pages involved are typically very convincing. However, it is never advisable to download or run any unknown executable programs sent to you from strangers.

A malicious executable can take control of your entire system, and even do things like change your passwords without you knowing. If you are offered pay to mention or review of a product, the best thing to do would be to request a legally binding contract and have it reviewed by a legal professional before agreeing to anything.

And always remember to never share your seedphrase or end up in detention like Bart Simpson.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Market News

Total ENS names created has surpassed 2.6 million, with a record 437,365 names registered in September 2022.

According to the Twitter account ENS Sales Bot, the top five .eth name sales (letters) of the past two weeks were:

  1. joy.eth - Ξ22 (~$29,200)
  2. toyota.eth - Ξ20 (~$26,500)
  3. fht86.eth - Ξ19.9 (~$26,430)
  4. stu.eth - Ξ16.89 (~$22,430)
  5. fireblocks.eth - Ξ14.9 (~$19,800)

And the top five .eth name sales (numbers) were:

  1. 242.eth - Ξ46.69 (~$62,000)
  2. 996.eth - Ξ45 (~$59,800)
  3. 282.eth - Ξ42.8 (~$56,850)
  4. 408.eth - Ξ40.8 (~$54,200)
  5. 314.eth - Ξ40.6 (~$53,900)

Honorable Mentions

  1. :rocket::rocket::rocket:.eth - Ξ42 (~$55,800)
  2. :person_curly_hair:.eth - Ξ19 (~$25,200)
  3. :pray::pray::pray:.eth - Ξ15 (~$19,900)
  4. :person_kneeling:‍:female_sign:.eth - Ξ13.6 (~$18,000)
  5. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:.eth - Ξ11 (~$14,600)
Approximate exchange rate as of October 1st, 2022.

Thank you very much for reading! Take care. :wave: