Minutes for Meta-Gov Meeting, September 26th, 2022 @ 7pm GMT

Note: These call minutes are being provided asynchronously. The Meta-Governance working group did not have a full meeting this week due to steward availability.

Call Minutes

A) General DAO announcements

  • GR15 has been completed.
  • ENS Small Grants voting is active.
  • Name Wrapper is live on test net.
  • Devcon is in two weeks, and there will be a large ENS presence.

B) Updates on existing Meta-Gov projects (Small Grants)

  • ENS Small Grants

    • Voting is LIVE! Please vote by 11:59 GMT on September 30th.
    • There are approximately 30 projects in each round this month.
    • The voting strategy is Approval Voting, with ERC-20 with Override. This implementation allows ENS holders to vote on multiple projects individually, even if they have delegated their votes.
    • Any bugs or feedback can be directly reported to @gskril or @coltron. The October round will use Github Issues to address bugs or UI implementation.
    • This project is open source. Pull requests are welcome!
  • ENS Endaoment

  • Forum Improvements

    • Working with the Karma team to make UI tweaks on the forum banner. These updates are expected before the next major proposal.