Minutes for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, December 8, 2022 @ 5pm GMT

Google Meet link : https://meet.google.com/oaj-qrgv-var

Stewards : @slobo.eth, @validator.eth, and @bobjiang


A) ENS Project Highlights / Presentations

  1. ChainSafe presented by Belma
  2. Community Run Identity Server (November) @rocco

B) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement
C) ENS core updates
D) Steward Nominations // Elections Questions
E) Open space for additional topics

If you plan to present, please let me know so I can put you on the agenda. Forum & Twitter DMs are open.

Call Minutes

184.eth, Alex Slobodnik (slobo.eth), Alex Van de Sande (avsa.eth), alisha.eth, Belma Gutlic, Eduardo Vega-Patiño, Jagrut Kosti, daylon.eth, Cap, Greg Skriloff, YungSB, Gregory Rocco, premm.eth, Sergey, Sydmead (eth.limo), Ivan Kraft, hellenstans.eth, Marcus Martinez

A) ENS Project Highlights / Presentations

ChainSafe presented by Belma and Jagrut

  • Building tools to preserve privacy for transactions using ENS.
  • Uses Aztec, a L2 roll-up privacy solution.

Community Run Identity Server November Update by Rocco

Rocco provided updates on the Community Run Identity Server, which the Ecosystem Working group has supported. The complete November update can be found on the forum here.

  • SIWE is an alternative to “Big Log-in.”
  • Working on extensions for SIWE, such as authorizations
  • Recently released SSX
  • Added a flag for ENS integration - one line of code
  • Working on the way to log in on behalf of multi-sigs (with the Gnosis safe team)
  • Would like to explore SIWE on Mastodon, possibly provide funding

B) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

  • ETHIndia was a success!
    • There were ~41 projects that were winners in the integration prize pool.

C) ENS Core updates

ENS Core Updates provided by alisha.eth

  • ENS Town Hall will be next Thursday.
    • An announcement tweet was posted today.
      This is an opportunity for ENS Labs and working groups to give quarterly updates and provide space for Ecosystem updates. If you wish to present a project, contact DM alisha.eth on Twitter.

Namewrapper update from premm.eth

  • Went through Code4rena audit. They discovered bugs that are being corrected. This is the third audit.

D) Steward Nominations // Elections Questions


To submit your nomination, navigate to the working group nomination page for which you wish to be eligible. The nomination pages for each working group are listed below:

Election Timeline

Election Phase Date
Nominations Begin December 6th @ 9am UTC
Nominations End December 9th @ 9am UTC
Voting Starts December 10th @ 9am UTC
Voting Ends December 15th @ 9am UTC

The newly elected stewards will assume roles on January 1st at 9 am UTC.

E) Open space for additional topics


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Exploring SIWE on Farcaster would be better in my view

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Thank you for the opportunity to present! Here are more links to the ENS privacy presentation by Chainsafe: