Minutes for Weekly Meta-Gov Meeting, Jan 10th, 2023 @ 7PM GMT

Google Meet link: meet.google.com/ihz-hdvb-bbq
Stewards: @katherinewu, @nick.eth, and @simona_pop


A) General DAO Update
B) Endowment & Treasury Management (Karpatkey Updates)
C) DAO Tooling
D) Reserved for Open Discussion

Call Minutes

184.eth, Coltron, Daylon, Defi Foodie, Greg Skriloff, Joaquin Orduna, Katherine Wu, Limes, Marcus Martinez, Nick Johnson, Nick Otter.ai, Santinomics - Karpatkey, Sebastien Derivaux, Simona Pop, Spikewatanabe, Vincent / zadok7, elbagococina

Notes by: @daylon.eth


A) General DAO Update

No updates.

B) Endowment & Treasury Management (Karpatkey Updates)

We have engaged Karpatkey to manage the ENS Endowment per [EP2.2.5] (November '22)

Stewards started a discussion to cover some remaining concerns from diligence around Karpatkey’s previous fund management performance and around the role modifier that Karpatkey will be using for ENS.

elbagococina / Santinomics - Karpatkey:

Started to use roles modifier on Gnosis chain, made some audits, started to test tool on mainnet. Now have a lot of work to put in for roles modifier on mainnet. We need time to finish the process.

The roles modifier has been used by Gnosis DAO mainly on Gnosis chain, but there is a commitment to expand this tool. The portfolio of Gnosis is complex, so requires a lot of testing.

Santi also addressed concerns about a specific instance re: previous fund management performance, particularly addressing a particular strategy that related to its Gnosis DAO management.

Latest updates for ENS:

Proposing to deploy 5 strategies, presets have been tested and audited

[from slide presented in meeting]
Testing Progress: Our tech team has successfully completed testing on the Zodiac Roles Modifier presets related to the proposed strategy. The next step is to conduct small-scale replication of the ENS strategy for a second round of testing. ENS Stewards will be invited to participate in this phase.

Executable Voting Proposal: We had initially presented an approach for implementation, but after reviewing technical details with our tech team, we have determined that some changes might be beneficial. We will be reviewing and validating the approach with ENS Stewards before posting on the forum, which we anticipate will lead to executable voting.

Audits: Audit report by Sub 7 and Ackee are still pending. No critical issues found so far.

Financial Core Unit: We are in the process of deploying the Financial Core Unit with the help of Metropolis.

  • Management Safe signers are managed by ens-metagov
    By controlling who sits on the Management Safe, ENS retains control over who manages their treasury.
  • Management Safe pod is given role-based access to the Endowment
    Using Karpatkey’s implementation, role-based access is granted to the Management Safe.

Initial size of endowment:
We have concluded it’s good to take a cautious approach. No need to rush the process. It’s up to the community, will share post on forum after stewards review.

C) DAO Tooling

No updates.

D) Reserved for Open Discussion



Great job @daylon.eth w/ the notes!