Mission Statement for ENS DAO


Choose a mission statement that clearly states why the ENS DAO exists and who it serves. A powerful mission statement aligns with the efforts of the people who work on the DAO’s behalf.


A great mission statement functions as a lightning rod of meaning for folks working on behalf of an organization. With the creation of ENS DAO, the number of contributors has increased and will continue to do so. A powerful mission statement will align the efforts of all involved. Ideally, it inspires more folks to get involved and keeps them aligned.

Over the past two months, we have held several calls generating community involvement and discussions to craft a mission statement. Through this process, we narrowed down the rhetoric and identified recurring key terms such as “self-sovereign,” “public good,” and “digital identities,” that help define the Ethereum Name Service.

Next Steps: Vote on Mission Statement

This proposal requests that DAO conducts a snapshot vote for a mission statement from the choices below:

Our mission is to empower web3 citizens to interact easily with people, organizations, and smart contracts through self-sovereign identities.

Our mission is to provide all people absolute ownership of their digital identity as a public good.

None of the above

The vote will occur over 3 days, beginning on January 10, 2022 and ending on January 12, 2022. The statement with the most votes will become the official mission statement of the Ethereum Name Service. If none of the above is selected, we go back to the drawing board.

Special thanks to @Coltron.eth for editing this post.


Thanks for keeping this moving forward, @slobo.eth.

I’d love to hear input on this proposal and the mission statements. A considerable amount of thought went into this, and a lot of great points were brought up in the calls. There were at least eight unique contributors to the Figjam sessions and around 27 people active in the discussion on Discord.

Previous discussions on this topic:

First Meeting Figjam


I am in favor of moving this forward unless there are major objections, or someone has a dead-ringer of a mission statement idea that hasn’t been brought forward.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that this mission statement can change in the future and that this is not meant to be a marketing-oriented tag line or slogan… Which, as a side note, I would love to see some marketing content developed.


Thanks @slobo.eth! I am in favor of moving forward with this proposal. I would like to thank all of the participants and contributors that thought deeply on the topic. I have read lots comments from the community, current steward nominee statements and others touching on the notion of an “ENS core mission”. But where is that defined? This Mission Statement Work Group attempted to define the ENS Mission. Outside of the ratified articles this has been the only open community led discussion and development attempt towards an ENS mission statement.(At least that I know of) I feel lucky to have been able to participate in these discussions and listen to all of the sincere and well thought discussions. Mahalo!


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this, from the Figjam it looks like a lot of care and effort went into it and I’m sorry I didn’t have more time to be involved. Just one comment - I would vote #2, except I am really not sure about

all people

Would there be a strong objection if we get rid of all? Or tweaked it somehow? To try and explain better, “all people” sounds like we’re forcing it on people whether they want it or not - that’s the bit that I am not sure about. It’s also not realistic, I can’t think of anything that has literally every single person on the planet adoption. What about

[…] access for all people […]



I didn’t realize “all” could be seen as force :thinking:

I can’t think of anything that has literally every single person on the planet adoption.

Every person has a name :slight_smile:

So cool to see how far this has come.

I’m sure there are edge cases to everyone having a name, but fair point! If no-one else read it the way I did - then let’s leave it as is :slight_smile: I suppose after reflection overnight, it’s OK to have a mission that is very difficult to achieve. Thanks for all the time and effort you have contributed to this.

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@slobo.eth - Did this get finalized, or is it stalled in process?

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It stalled, not sure i have capacity to pick this up right now, I’d love for someone to carry it over the finish line though.

Maybe @Coltron.eth has ideas too!


Could perhaps add it to the agenda after we finish up the CoC…


Should I call the Meta-Gov stewards again? :eyes:

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Me, @simona_pop and @spencecoin are going to get to it soon!


We’re all in contact so you can relax - it is in hand.

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