My ENS domain is not valid and contains malicious/scam name

i have been posting here ENS Name Normalization - #151 by 0xzayed

regarding my ens name being delisted on OS and its invalid. i do not see it on my wallet however, i see it on etherscan.

point is, this name ape.eth with Cyrillic “p” that i bought without being informed/mentioned that this ens domain will be a malicious/scam name and it will not be supported.

as of now, this domain is useless to me and waste of money as i was not informed that i should be aware that this could happen.

i’m requesting for a refund please

please do support @nick.eth @serenae

The upcoming normalization changes will need to be finalized. Then the DAO and core dev team will need to decide how to address affected names and under what circumstances refunds will be given.

Please wait until this is done :pray:


Okay i guess have to wait longer because look at these photos i posted below, its not fair i also have the same name but its not being listed.