Namespace - Quarterly Reports

Q1 Namespace Service Provider Report


Not sure if this is required, but it is my understanding that we need to keep everyone updated every quarter about our progress so I’m posting our Q1 report here.

Sharing what we did each quarter will keep us accountable and transparent to the ENS DAO and everyone who voted for us and supported us to become Service Providers.

Also, this is a good opportunity to keep everyone in the loop with what we are doing, share our strategies and plans, and possibly get feedback, help, advice, and learn new things so feel free to comment or ask questions.

We want to work together towards improving and growing ENS.

Summary of Updates:

  1. Platform

  2. Technical documentation

  3. Partnerships / integrations

  4. Other updates / improvements

1. Platform

Loom video demo of the Namespace platform with ensdao.eth name used as an example.

Mainnet launched!

Namespace v2 officially launched on the Mainnet, see the announcement for details:

*.GotID.eth subnames

To celebrate the mainnet launch we issued free offchain Subnames from gotID.eth to our users.

  • Minting offchain subnames
  • Fully resolvable in Metamask
  • You can see them in the ENS App
  • Sets minters address record
  • 30 subnames minted

Feel free to mint a free Subname for yourself in celebration of the Namespace launch: Namespace

Search and Register

Anyone can search and register available ENS names and unruggable surnames through the Namespace platform.

We improved the ENS name registration process - users can now close the ENS registration modal and continue where they left off. We added notifications for pending registrations/transactions.

Added options to set address record and primary name for Name registrations.

Feel free to register any ENS name or subname to test it: Namespace


ENS Widget is used by ENS Name owners who want to mint unruggable subnames from their own websites or blogs.

  • Widget is live on Mainnet.
  • Integrated with the platform’s front end
  • Configurable and customizable from the platform (no technical skills required)
  • Supporting 4 different widget types
  • Support for ENS second-level name registrations (allowing anyone to sell ENS registration service from their websites)
  • Can be easily integrated with HTML, WordPress, Webflow, or anything else.

See more about the widget and how to implement it on your website: ENS Widget | Namespace

Test it yourself here: Namespace


The manager is responsible for configuring and listing ENS names so people can mint subnames from them.

  • Reduced gas fees by migrating configuration set up offchain
  • Added token-gated minting for communities, allowing people to mint Subname from some ENS name only if they hold certain NFTs
  • Supports ERC 20/721/1155 token standards
  • Improved user experience.

Currently, through the Manager, you can:

  • Find and Register ENS Name or Subname
  • List ENS Names and start issuing/selling Subnames
  • Customize Subname minting price based on length
  • Reserve subnames for yourself
  • List specific Subnames for a different minting price
  • Whitelist wallets to either mint or mint for free
  • Token-gate list so that only people with specific NFTs can mint subnames
  • Use the ENS Widget to sell Subnames and provide ENS registration service directly from your website.

See more about the Manager in our docs: Manager | Namespace

Or test it yourself on Mainnet or Sepolia: Namespace

2. Technical Documentation

Offchain Subnames API

Offchain subname API support with detailed technical documentation.

We offer offchain subname support from now on as well. As we see our mission to grow ENS and integrate it everywhere, it’s hard to deny the interest people and projects have for offchain subnames due to their lack of use and flexibility for the owners in terms of maintaining a certain degree of control over what happens with subnames.

Namespace offchain subname support includes:

  1. Minting offchain subname
    1.1. Ability to mint subnames to multichain addresses and associate them to different coin types as per ENSIP-9
    1.2. By default subname minted for coin type 60 (Ethereum)

  2. Subname data management
    2.1. Check subname availability (if available for minting)
    2.2. Subname address resolution – 1) Subname address resolution through OffchainResolver and CCIP read gateway and 2) Multichain address resolution as per ENSIP-9
    2.3. Data management – Stores and retrieves all data associated with the subname: addresses with coin types, text records, and custom data.

  3. Text record management
    3.1. Create, update, and delete subname text records
    3.2. Retrieve single or all subname text records
    3.3. Text record resolution

  4. Custom data support
    4.1. Besides text records, the API allows for the storage of custom data JSON objects
    4.2. Create, update, and delete custom subname data
    4.3. Retrieve single or all custom subname data

And we keep updating it and adding more support with each new client we get and per their request.

Full tech docs can be found on our official page.

Back-end API and Smart contracts

Reworked our backend API and Smart Contracts. The backend now handles the creation of listing configuration and gives verification for minting subnames. Listing configurations are now stored offchain so that ENS name owners don’t have to pay high gas fees for listing names and updating listings.

Overview of our backend infrastructure and listing/minting process

ENS Name Listing process:

Minting process:

How-to Guides

Easy to follow tutorials on how to implement ENS Name and Subname for different purposes.

Currently, we have a how-to guide on How-To Mint Subnames on L1 from start to finish.

3. Partnerships / Integrations

One of our goals is to integrate ENS everywhere and also to make it easily accessible everywhere, especially for as many developers and teams as possible. That said, we are constantly working on adding ENS to as many different apps, wallets, games, and other products, and also, adding it into a foundational layer to all blockchain tools and infrastructure provider companies, enabling developers quick access and easy integration of ENS.

Unicorn.eth – smart wallet

Unicorn uses Namespace’s Offchain implementation for integrating ENS subnames. Unicorn will gift its wallet users subnames from *.unicorn.eth and give them a brandable wallet name.

Web3js – JavaScript library for building on Ethereum

We built a Web3js Plugin that extends the ENS functionality, by providing the latest ENS features such as:

  • ENS name registration
  • Setting and retrieving text records
  • Setting and retrieving addresses
  • Reverses name resolution

Announcement post:

Tatum – All-in-one blockchain development platform for Web3 builders

We built a custom extension that plugs into Tatum SDK helps their developers use ENS easily. Currently supports:

  • ENS name registration
  • Setting and retrieving text records
  • Setting and retrieving addresses
  • Reverses name resolution

Unlike Web3js, Tatum doesn’t offer any ENS native integration and support so there is a lot we can do to further develop and improve this.

Everything is ready and deployed, and is pending review and will go live soon. Follow Namespace on Twitter or join /namespace channel on Warpcast to stay updated.

QuickNode – Blockchain infrastructure provider

Namespace is the official QuickNode Partner. We built and deployed our own Offchain Subname API as their marketplace add-on. Immediately providing access to easy ENS Offchain integration, allowing smooth ENS Subname issuance and management to more than 125k active developers using QuickNode.

  • Created QuickNOde add-on for Offchain Subnames API
  • Created integration and registration process to allow QuickNOde developers to register and use the API
  • Created support for Payment Plans within the registration process

Shoutout to Evan for the intro <3

Everything is ready and deployed, and is pending review and will go live soon. Follow Namespace on Twitter or join /namespace channel on Warpcast to stay updated.

Important Note

We need to meet the developers where they are already building and using the services from existing development providers. Therefore, the Namespace team will continuously support, upgrade, and maintain all custom-built add-ons, plugins, and extensions that make it easy for other developers to integrate and use ENS.

4. Other stuff

As we want to establish ourselves long-term as one of the thought leaders and core teams building around digital identity, we launched a Digital Identity channel on Farcaster with 360+ members already now: Warpcast - join us!

  • New landing page:
  • Removed Goerli references and switched to Sepolia testnet entirely.
  • Infrastructure:
    • Moved our infrastructure to DigitalOcean?
    • Integrated Kibana/Elasticsearch as our monitoring infrastructure
    • Integrated HashcorpsVault as a secrets manager
    • Integrated DigitalOcean mongo managed database
  • And other overall platform improvements, optimizations, and about 12 million bugs fixed.

Once again, thanks to everyone who voted for us and supported us so far. We are excited, happy, and honored to be here.